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Better, guiltless hydration

For an active lifestyle: The electrolytes present in Suncoast Lightwater are calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate.

MANILA, Philippines - Even doctors will tell us that the key to good health is drinking plenty of water every day. Unfortunately, health concerns have emerged over the years about the kind of tap water we actually drink. Hence, the popularity of home water purifiers and bottled water that comes in distilled, spring, mineral and other varieties.

And now, there’s even better water, the kind that includes electrolytes to provide active refreshment and better hydration in every bottle. Suncoast Lightwater is exactly that kind of water.

“Electrolytes are essential to our daily body functions,” says Suncoast Lightwater owner and general manager Jasper Ong, who is an active sports enthusiast himself and has spent the last three years perfecting Suncoast Lightwater. “Without the proper amount of electrolytes in our body, our brain’s communication link with the rest of our body is choppy and might cause our various systems not to function properly. When you want to hydrate, it’s better to do it with pure water plus electrolytes to help keep your body in tiptop shape.”

To be more specific, doctors say electrolytes are important because they are what your cells (especially the nerve, the heart and the muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses like nerve impulses and muscle contractions across themselves and to other cells. Your kidneys work to keep the electrolyte concentrations in your blood constant despite changes in your body, especially after exercise when you lose sweat.

Inspired by how Mother Nature originally created the water that we’re supposed to drink, the electrolytes present in Suncoast Lightwater are calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate, each of which was chosen for its hydrating benefits and ability to maintain the body’s nutrient balance.

 Not satisfied with other electrolytes-enhanced sports drinks that also contain higher and unhealthy levels of either sugar or salt concentrations, Ong traveled far and wide and invested up to three years in research and development to come up with the best formulation of electrolytes for Suncoast Lightwater.

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“Why did we choose to make better water? We couldn’t find anything both hydrating and guiltless to drink when we’re on the go. Either it’s a flashy sport drink with coloring, flavoring and salt or it’s just plain drinking water that doesn’t hydrate as well as we would want it to. We chose to make water that gives you the benefits of a sport drink without the bad stuff and with the purity of water in a neat bottle. Just guiltless and sensible hydration and that’s why anyone can go for Suncoast Lightwater. Whether you’re young, mature, active or slightly active, with Suncoast your body is kept hydrated more than what normal water usually does, allowing you to remaining active all day long.”

Suncoast Lightwater is available in leading supermarkets and convenient stores all over Metro Manila.

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