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A sweet homecoming

Grace Chu Choc, Janet Garcia, Salome Dy, Betty So and Susan Tan

Ever the consummate host, Salome Dy recently led an intimate gathering of her friends from high school in celebration of their alma mater St. Stephen’s High School’s 40th homecoming anniversary. Held at the Aguado Room of MilkyWay Café in Makati City, this was the first get-together the longtime friends have had in a while and as the evening went on it was apparent that the school spirit is still very much present in all of them. The guests enjoyed the sumptuous dinner and excellent impromptu song and dance numbers, as well as finally getting caught up in each other’s lives.  

Romulo Café celebrates happy hour

Romulo Café recently celebrated its “Happy Hour” via an intimate gathering, elevating the Filipino concept of pulutan as the late great former general Carlos P. Romulo would. Led by Romulo Café owners Sandie Romulo-Squillantini, the general’s granddaughter, her husband Enzo Squillantini, and their business partner Ivy Almario, businessmen, loyal clients, food enthusiasts and members of the press gathered together to savor the sumptuous cocktails and Filipino-style tapas the restaurant is renowned for. Inspired by the multifaceted life of Carlos P. Romulo, every single aspect of the café — from food to drinks — is reminiscent of the late diplomat, statesman, soldier and author.

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