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How to find the best real estate developer

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MANILA, Philippines – A lot of condominiums and townships are rising in different promising locations in the country. Payment schemes are attractively flexible, too. Down payment is affordable, and it’s quite easier to get approved for a home loan now.

Who wouldn’t be enticed to invest in real estate?

But just like with any other big-ticket purchase, buying a property, no matter how simple it seems these days, is a serious business. One of the important things you need to be sure of is the reputation of the real estate developer you’ll partner with.

Apparently, just because a real estate developer is popular does not mean they’re the right company to work with. There are a few other things you need to research on as a home seeker to make sure a builder actually delivers.

1. Experience

Trust a developer that already has a lot of experience in the industry. And since you’re looking for the best home, trust one that has built a name for building quality residences. You might want to think twice about investing in a commercial developer’s first residential project as you have yet to see their success in this new endeavor.

To learn more about a property developer, you can visit their website, read the "About Us" page and check out their lists of completed and upcoming projects.

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2. Portfolio

After learning about their projects, schedule a visit to some of the old properties to examine the quality. Have they deteriorated too fast? Are they still pleasant to live in?

Try to talk to some of the residents there also to ask whether they’re satisfied with the property they have invested in. Do they have any complaint against the property developer? Was the project completed on time? Can they share with you some tips that might help you in your search?

Aside from asking around, you can also get more real stories by reading reviews and forums online.

3. Financial status

Is the company doing well financially? You can check a real estate developer’s financial stability through news and the financial reports that can be accessed in their websites.

This part of the research might not appeal to every type of homebuyer, but you’ll see that it gives essential insight on a developer. For one, a financially stable developer can most likely complete a project on time or with minimal delay. They can also stay true to the project plan, not compromising on the overall quality and the promised modern amenities.

4. Agents

Real estate agents should represent the developer well, so evaluate them as well. Are you comfortable talking with them? Are they helpful when you ask questions or request information? Are they easy to contact?

Make sure as well to deal only with licensed real estate brokers to avoid falling into any form of scam. Remember that just because some so-called agents are dressed nicely, giving away brochure in malls, and pretending to represent a reputable developer does not mean they’re legit. It’s still best to be very careful.

A few more reminders

Keep in mind as well that it’s important to have even just basic knowledge about the real estate industry and property shopping before starting to explore your options. And if something feels not right while you deal with a particular developer, trust your gut feeling and stop pushing through with the deal.


You can start your search with Empire East to find the perfect home for your pocket and lifestyle. Learn more at or follow and


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