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Redefining BGC’s skyline

An example of sustainable architecture, design, and engineering, Daiichi Properties’ Gensler-designed The Finance Centre is a 44-story tower with two floors dedicated to retail, one for health and wellness amenities, 31 floors of office workplace and a penthouse level executive office.

Metro Manila has been experiencing a construction boom for the last decade. New cities are rising, new developments are becoming more inventive in their use of space and in the process changing people’s lifestyles for a more sustainable kind of living.

And yet we have very few iconic buildings that declare: “This is Manila.” We have zero new buildings that are recognizable outside the country.

Daichi Properties, a developer for more than two decades in commercial spaces and whose first office building was the innovative Taipan Place in Ortigas in the 1990s, has partnered with the architectural firm Gensler to change that.

And they’re likely to be successful in this goal with three new buildings in Bonifacio Global City — One World Place, The Finance Center and World Plaza.

 “Given that quality is Daiichi’s corporate DNA, we took note of the fact that the definition of quality has already evolved. Quality is now redefined with additional concepts such as sustainability, technology, innovation and design. To advance, we needed the help of a global firm that considers design as a competitive advantage,” Daiichi vice president for business development Eric Manuel said.

Gensler design director and architect Sasha Zeljic says on his working with Daiichi, “It’s not really about how the building looks, but how it performs.” “When Filipinos look at buildings in the market, rarely do they look at how it performs. Mostly, it’s about the cost of the rent, the utilities available, its proximity to leisure, landmarks and other establishments. Building performance is a holistic look as to how these cogs allow an investor to achieve business growth.”

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 “Our collaboration with Gensler is grounded on a common goal. We envision a market that appreciates building performance as a major factor in their investment,” Manuel shares. “We are here to redefine quality as building performance. The partnership exists to have building performance on the lips of every savvy commercial investor in the market.”



Daiichi also redefines the office space of the future. Gensler, in their design forecast for the year, says, “When the work is collaborative, the teams need workspaces that’s atypical of the sector generally, but maps well to the desire of younger employees for settings that inspire creativity.” Gensler names The Finance Center, a Daiichi property, as an example, making it the only development in the Philippines to be recognized in the forecast.

And for this reason did Daiichi partner with Gensler. “We are partnering with a firm that studies global trends in office design with the idea of creating a building that meets or exceeds international standards and is relevant 30 years from now,” Manuel says. “It’s a different type of relationship and what it means is that our buildings are no longer just about the taste of a local developer but what is globally important.”

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For inuqiries on Daiichi Properties, call 636-8888.


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