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Quezon City cited as ideal training ground for Middle East-bound OFWs

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) said it is ready to fill the need for 37,000 skilled workers in the Middle East with Quezon City as the training ground for skills training and Arabic language schooling.

“Quezon City is a non-partisan city. It’s an ideal local government unit for skills training for overseas workers,” said TESDA deputy director general Roger Peyuan.

He said the TESDA training in Quezon City will include Arabic language training for non-Muslims who wish to work in the Middle East.

Peyuan said the demand in the Middle East will offset the layoffs suffered by other Filipino workers in the US and some European countries, which were hit by the global economic meltdown.

“The demand in the Middle East is high because it’s less affected by the economic crisis,” he said. – Perseus Echeminada

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