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2 bodies found in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – Two men, believed to be victims of summary execution, were found dead in Manila yesterday.

A police report stated that the two unidentified victims were found at around 8:30 a.m. along Claro M. Recto and Laong Laan streets by a taxi driver and a scavenger.

The victims were both around 21 to 25 years old and had tattoos all over their bodies. One of them had a placard hanging through his neck that read: “Patawad sa mga biktima ko, snatcher ako! (May my victims forgive me, I am a snatcher!)”

Police Officer 3 Giovanni Valera said the victims bore stab wounds in the neck. He believes the two men could have been killed by the same group since their faces were wrapped in packaging tape and their hands tied behind their back.

“Based on what we saw, they appear to be victims of summary execution or salvage,” he said.

Valera said the bodies were brought to the St. Harold Funeral Homes.

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