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QCPD warns of rob gang preying on women drivers

MANILA, Philippines - The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) warned the public yesterday about a new robbery gang whose members target unsuspecting motorists, particularly women.

The new gang’s modus operandi was exposed after an information technology consultant was waylaid yesterday by at least three men in an FX van (UUS-443).

The robbers point to the car’s underside as the unwary motorist drives past them, trying to catch the driver’s attention. When the motorist alights from the car to see what the problem is, the robbers pounce, police said.

The victim, who requested anonymity, said the incident happened at around 2 p.m. at a gas station along Visayas Avenue near the corner of Central Avenue in Barangay Vasra.

The victim said she had just withdrawn cash from an automated teller machine along Visayas Avenue and was on her way to a meeting with a client in Makati when the incident happened.

As she drove her red Ford Lynx 2005, she saw a man she described only as in his 40s, pointing to something under her car as she passed him by.

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The victim then parked at a gas station and got out to see what was wrong with the car. She said she left her shoulder bag containing her money on the front seat.

The victim said another man told her he saw sparks from under the car, but she did not see anything wrong with the car at all.

At this point, a gasoline station attendant allegedly gave the victim a slip of paper on which was written the plate number of the van (UUS-443) the suspects boarded.

The victim said she found her bag was missing, but that her wallet, which contained the money she had withdrawn, was on the floor.

She said the attendant told her that when she was distracted by the men, he saw a man holding two shoulder bags grab her bag and run to the waiting van. The attendant told her he saw several other bags in the vehicle.

The victim said although nothing of much value was taken from her, she reported the incident so that the public may be made aware of this modus operandi and be properly warned.

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