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LTO worker, cousin arrested for robbery

MANILA, Philippines - A Land Transportation Office (LTO) employee and his cousin were arrested yesterday for allegedly staging a P50,000 robbery in Marikina City.

Police said a neighbor saw Marcial Macayayong, 42, and his cousin Marlon Macayayong, 18, crawling out of the second-floor bedroom of the house owned by Maria Nenita Parrena, 43, at around 2 p.m.

The neighbor, Cladina Ortiz, told Parrena, who was at the ground floor of her house at the time. Parrena rushed upstairs and found her bedroom in disarray.

Responding barangay officials collared the suspects, who are residents of Cupang, Antipolo City, a few meters away from the victim’s house.

Parrena was not able to recover the P20,000 and assorted jewelry the suspects allegedly stole from her. The Macayoyongs denied the charges.

Police are preparing robbery charges against the suspects, who are detained at the Marikina City police detention center.   – Non Alquitran

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