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Security agency employee robbed

MANILA, Philippines — An employee of a security agency was robbed of P100,000 by motorcycle-riding men in Caloocan City just before noon on Monday.

Gelbert Anuncio, security inspector at Raccoon Security Agency, was ordered by his superior to encash P100,000, according to investigator Police Officer 1 Philbert Estangki.

As he drove up to his boss’ house in Barangay 8 on a motorcycle, two motorcycle-riding men approached him from behind and robbed him at gunpoint at around 11 a.m., Anuncio told police.

The two men wore helmets to cover their faces, he added.

Anuncio used his own helmet to hit the robber’s hand holding the gun. The gun went off and a bullet pierced the victim’s left thigh and ripped through his right.

The victim was rushed to the Caloocan City Medical Center for treatment.

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Closed-circuit television footage only caught the robbers fleeing in an unknown direction, Estangki said.

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