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MMDA to fine EDSA bus lane violators

MANILA, Philippines — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will apprehend drivers of private vehicles using EDSA’s bus lanes starting Monday next week, an official said yesterday. 

MMDA assistant general manager Jojo Garcia said private motorists caught using the two outermost lanes on EDSA, also known as yellow lanes, will be issued a citation ticket and fined P500.

“Private vehicles should go out of the yellow lanes and only those turning right to any intersection can drive inside the yellow or bus lanes,” Garcia said in a press conference in Makati City yesterday morning. 

A dry run for the prohibition of yellow lanes started yesterday morning. 

Garcia also said the MMDA will also revive the implementation of the motorcycle or the blue lanes on EDSA after they reported a high incidence of road deaths involving motorcycle riders. He said that they will start apprehending violators on Wednesday next week.  

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