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‘Bato’ airs alarm over rape-slays

James Carl Guzman and Glory Mary Carbonell

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa yesterday expressed alarm over recent rape-slay cases that occurred after the PNP was taken out of the government’s war on illegal drugs.

Dela Rosa cited the case of of 22-year-old Mabel Cama, a bank employee who was reportedly raped, killed and her body set on fire in Barangay Rosario, Pasig City.

There was also a case of a couple in Bataan province where the woman, identified as Glory Mary Carbonell, was believed to have been raped.

Carbonell and her boyfriend, James Carl Guzman, were found dead in different areas in Bataan last Sunday. 

“When our war on drugs was strong, have you ever heard of any sensational rape case like this one?” he asked.

There is a strong possibility the people involved in these killings are high on drugs, according to Dela Rosa.

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“Who would rape, kill and burn a woman if you are in the right state of mind?” he said. “I don’t want to insinuate to the public on the reason but that’s a glaring reality.”

According to Dela Rosa, he talked to Duterte about Cama’s case. The President was visibly angry, uttering “tan-awa,” a Visayan term that roughly tranlates to “see that” or “see what happens” in English.

Dela Rosa said criminals have returned to the streets and are “boasting the PNP could no longer touch them.”

He cited some residents in Quezon City wanted the PNP to return to the campaign after drug pushers and users have returned to their community.

Duterte sidelined the PNP from the drug war following allegations of irregularities in police operations.

Dela Rosa admitted their overeagerness to rid the country of illegal drugs got the best of them. Their other fault, he admitted, is they weren’t able to cleanse their ranks of police scalawags who took advantage of the drug war.

“We should have cleansed our ranks before  we waged the war on drugs,” he said.

If he had his way, Dela Rosa prefer the funds to be utilized for anti-terrorism efforts.

“We cannot afford to have a repeat of the Marawi siege,” he said.

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