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QCPD sacks catcalling cops

MANILA, Philippines — Two policemen have been relieved from their posts and are facing charges for catcalling a woman while on patrol along Katipunan Avenue last week.

The Quezon City Police District identified them as Police Officer 1 Domingo Nagales Cena and Police Officer 2 Rick Lopez Tanguilan of QCPD Station 4.

The 21-year-old woman, Xandi, identified Cena as the one who rolled down the police car’s window and stared at her while she was walking home from a fastfood restaurant along a dimly lit part of the road.

She said she heard a wolf whistle come from the police car, which was keeping pace with her, prompting her to stop walking.

The police car supposedly stopped two times about 10 meters away from her, despite the moving traffic, before speeding away. 

Xandi took to social media to stand against street harassment and her tweet has been liked and shared for more than 15,000 times.  

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“For the women, we should still do something about it… We have to start doing something about it,” she said in an interview after the two policemen were identified. 

The two lawmen face charges for violating City Ordinance 2501, which penalizes catcalling and other forms of street harassment.

Under the measure, light violations such as cursing, catcalling, repeatedly asking the subject for a date or her contact number, or taunting a woman with constant talk about sex, which tend to ridicule, humiliate or embarrass the woman, are punishable with a fine of from P1,000 to P5,000 or a jail term of up to one month.

Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, QCPD director, said they will also be administratively charged for conduct unbecoming of police officers and grave misconduct.

Tanguilan and his superior, SPO1 Ariel Camiling, also face an administrative charge for dishonesty because they allegedly withheld information that Cena was the one in the police car instead of Camiling, who turned out to be off duty. 

Eleazar said this is a step towards changing the macho culture in the police force. He encouraged other victims of street harassment to come out. 

“In Quezon City, we are trying to create a culture that will coincide with the real mandate of the police, and that is to serve and protect,” he said.          

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