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NAIA workers return traveler’s wallet

MANILA, Philippines - A man about to board a flight to China at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 was surprised when two airport security personnel returned his wallet yesterday morning.

The two “airport police officers,” identified only as Noceda and Basa, were on patrol when they found a wallet left behind at the Philippine Airlines counter.

The wallet, which contained identification and credit cards and some cash, belonged to Thakur Anurag.

Noceda and Basa approached the airline counter to locate the passenger and were told he was at the boarding gate, waiting for his flight.

Anurag thanked the two men and said he never knew he had left his wallet at the airline counter.

Meanwhile, Office of Transportation Security personnel confiscated two .45 caliber bullets from a passenger bound for Tagbilaran, Bohol at the initial screening of NAIA Terminal 4 yesterday.

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Images of the bullets were seen in Rhodora Vargas’ sling bag when it went through the x-ray machine.

The bullets were confiscated and turned over to the Aviation Security Group for proper disposition.

Vargas was later allowed to board her flight.

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