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3 Pakistanis nabbed for fake drugs

MANILA, Philippines - Three Pakistani men were arrested in a sting on Thursday for allegedly selling counterfeit medicine in Manila.

Chief Inspector Rosalino Ibay Jr., Manila Police District intelligence operations unit chief, said a concerned citizen told them the Pakistanis were trying to offer branded medicine for a much lower price.

Tarik Rashid Alam, Zeeshan Zoaib Taj and Zeeshan Mustafa Rana were arrested after they handed three boxes of counterfeit brands of naproxen sodium, paracetamol and a mix of dextromethorphan, phenylephrine and paracetamol to an undercover police officer.

Under interrogation, the suspects said they were trying to “push” the medicine but refused to name their supplier.

Ibay wrote to the Food and Drugs Administration, asking the FDA to examine the confiscated items.

The suspects were charged with violating Republic Act 7394 or the Consumers Act of the Philippines and RA 5921 or the Pharmacy Act. 

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