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Quiapo blast suspect charged

MANILA, Philippines - Frustrated and attempted murder charges were filed yesterday against the man who admitted to being behind the blast that left 13 people wounded in Quiapo, Manila on April 28.

Abel Macaraya, 35, was charged with three counts of frustrated murder and 10 counts of attempted murder, Manila chief inquest prosecutor Jovencio Senados told The STAR.

The case would be raffled off to a court next week, he added.

The charges against Macaraya were in relation to Sections 2 and 3c of Republic Act 9516, which punishes people who possess, manufacture, deal in, acquire or dispose firearms, ammunition or explosives.

The fiscal did not recommend bail for Macaraya, who might face up to 40 years in jail and a fine of up to P1 million.

The evidence presented by the Manila Police District included statements from three witnesses who said they saw Macaraya drop a bag containing the improvised explosive device at the corner of Soler street and Quezon Boulevard.

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Four surveillance videos from the area that showed Macaraya running away from the blast site were also used as reference.

On May 5, the MPD arrested Macaraya, who admitted that he and two others started planning against three men who beat up his younger brother-in-law and refused to appear at the barangay hall when they were summoned.

Raymond Mendoza and an alias “Saro,” said to have created the homemade pipe bomb, remain at large.          

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