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Manila exec wants Traslacion rerouted

MANILA, Philippines – An official of the Manila City government recommended to Mayor Joseph Estrada yesterday to reroute the Traslacion for the feast of the Black Nazarene next year in a bid to reduce garbage left by the devotees.

Task Force Manila Cleanup chief Che Borromeo made the proposal.

Borromeo said 12 truckloads of garbage were collected by the city department of public services after the procession, which lasted 22 hours and 19 minutes.

Estrada lauded the street sweepers and garbage collectors for spearheading the post-Traslacion cleanup.

“They worked overnight to keep the streets clean,” Estrada said.

“While security forces maintained peace and order, they were also there from the start until the end of the Nazarene procession to collect the trash left by the devotees,” he added.

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The number of devotees who participated in the procession reached 3.5 million, based on estimates of the Manila Police District.

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