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Fire hits Malabon public market

A firefighter douses himself with water during a fire at a public market in Malabon City at dawn yesterday. BOY SANTOS  

MANILA, Philippines - At least 200 stalls were destroyed when a 10-hour fire broke out at a public market in Barangay Tañong, Malabon City shortly after midnight yesterday.

Arson probers said the fire started at the market’s plastic and glass section at past 12 a.m.

Senior Fire Officer 4 Rogerio Gayon of the Malabon fire department said the blaze reached the third alarm after three hours.

Gayon said the fire was raised to fourth alarm at 6:13 a.m. before it was declared under control at 10:27 a.m.

No one was reported injured in the fire.

Damage to property was estimated at P1 million.

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Arson investigators have yet to establish the cause of the fire.

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