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Erap renews call for GMA house arrest

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada

MANILA, Philippines - Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada reiterated yesterday his call to grant former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo house arrest.

“She (Arroyo) is no longer a flight risk. No bail is imposed to prevent an accused from escaping and evading prosecution. But with the present health status of former President Arroyo, I don’t think she will escape,” he said.

Estrada said that he is hoping that President Aquino will be compassionate to Arroyo and allow her to be placed under house arrest.

He also listed the granting Arroyo house arrest as one of his three birthday wishes when he turned 78 years old on April 19.

“She (Arroyo) is a woman and her health is deteriorating. We should show her some compassion,” Estrada said.

Arroyo is currently detained at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMCC). She was jailed after being charged with the non-bailable offense of plunder.

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Arroyo pardoned Estrada in October 2007, a month after the Sandiganbayan Special Division found him guilty of plunder.

She replaced Estrada in 2001 after the latter was forced to leave Malacañang.

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