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Hayden Kho a doctor again

MANILA, Philippines - More than four years after losing his license to practice medicine for figuring in a sex video scandal, celebrity doctor Hayden Kho regained his medical license, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) reported yesterday.

Dr. Jose Cueto, a member of the PRC’s Board of Medicine, said the revocation of a medical license is not permanent and Kho can perform medical practice again upon the approval of the board.

The PRC medical board revoked Kho’s medical license in November 2009 after finding him guilty of immorality and dishonorable acts for taking videos of himself having sex with actress Katrina Halili.

Cueto said a doctor can file an appeal to regain the medical license two years after it has been revoked by the board.

“The only difference is that a doctor will be able to automatically perform medical practice after the lapse of a suspension order while those whose license have been revoked needs to file a petition two years after and he has to show proof of good behavior,” Cueto explained.

BOM chairman Dr. Miguel Noche Jr. was quoted in a radio interview that Kho was able to prove he was sorry for what he has done and that he is still qualified to be a doctor.                                                                      

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