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Paz assures barangay Agus of assistance

CEBU, Philippines - Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza has assured residents in barangay Agus that the city government will continue to provide support even though the incumbent barangay captain is identified with the opposition camp.

Radaza denied the city government has disapproved requests made by Agus Barangay Captain Remegio “Bo” Oyao, adding that her office and the city council will act on any requests provided comply with all the requirements. She said services will be provided Agus through barangay Maribago.

This developed when Oyao terminated the services of barangay health workers assigned to the barangay.

She said residents in Agus can seek assistance from the barangay hall of Maribago.

Oyao and members of the barangay council cannot agree on the budget for the barangay.

Barangay council members claim Oyao had failed to come up with an amount for the budget for street lighting and road repair, and cited other reasons why they failed to sign the proposed budget amounting to more than P1 million.

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Oyao, on the other hand, said without a budget for street lighting and road repair is not a problem but what worries him is the unsigned P1 million budget.  (FREEMAN)

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