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Man arrested for driving stolen motorcycle

CEBU, Philippines - Men from the Talisay City Intelligence Bureau, while on patrol in the Cebu South Coastal Road barangay San Roque, Talisay City yesterday dawn arrested a man for driving a stolen motorcycle.

Arrested was Gil Donaire Bantayan, 24, a resident of Terra Dulce, 5th Street, White Road, barangay Inayawan, Cebu City.

PO1 Gerard Rollon, one of the arresting officers, said his group while on patrol noticed a motorcycle suddenly making a dash for a nearby gasoline station.

Rollon said his group was also on its way to the gas station.

He said they saw Bantayan covering the motorcycle’s plate number with a white piece of paper with “For Registration” written on it.

When the police removed the piece of paper, they saw the temporary plate number 7TC-M-8155.

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Bantayan told police he had to stop to refuel his vehicle.

The police began to suspect the motorcycle was stolen because the fuel tank was almost full and Bantayan only paid P40 to make the tank full.

The police frisked Bantayan and found an 8-inch knife. In the u-box were t-shirts of different colors, a driver’s license belonging to one Philip Gabunada, and documents showed the motorcycle belonged to a certain Ariel Gabunada Miranda of sitio Kalubihan, barangay Kalunasan, Cebu City.

Bantayan, who showed a student permit, said the motorcycle belonged to an uncle’s neighbor.

The police took Bantayan to the Talisay City Police Station for possession of a deadly weapon.

Yesterday morning, Miranda accompanied by the Guadalupe police went to the TCPS and confirmed that the motorcycle driven by Bantayan was his.

According to the blotter of the Guadalupe Police Station, Miranda parked his motorcycle on the roadside Monday when this was stolen.

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