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City to inspect Paulus' college

CEBU, Philippines - The Mandaue City government is set to inspect the Mandaue City College being ran by Dr. Paulus Mariae Cañete in barangay Tipolo, Mandaue City.

Earlier, city treasurer Regal Oliva recommended to the City Legal Office that a closure order be issued to the college as well as other business establishments for allegedly failing to pay taxes despite demand letters.

Cañete welcomes the move.

"Andam mi sa ilang pag-inspection, total ang ilang inspeksyonon ang building man ug dili kami. Apan nalipay sad ko nga ang ilang inspeksyonon ang MCC, proof na nga gi-recognize dyud diay mi nila," Cañete said.

He said if the closure order pushes through, the college can move out anytime, and even eyes Cebu City as the place to relocate the school.

He said the school can ask for help from Mayor Michael Rama who was its guest speaker of the recently held graduation of their masteral and doctoral graduates last October in Cebu City.

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City Legal officer Giovanni Tianero said as part of due process, the city will inspect Cañete's school as part of due process.

He said he will also seek police assistance to prevent untoward incidents.

Oliva, in an earlier interview, said the city has not received any reply from Cañete himself despite letters, prompting it to recommend for its closure.

Oliva said the school has failed to pay business taxes and regulatory fees since 2005.

After the inspection, Tianero said the city will issue a notice of violation if inspectors find violations.

The notice of violation will be sent to the establishment to inform it of such and the closing of the establishment follows.

"Kung ma prove nato nga wala jud sila necessary business permits kay anha nata mo issue ug notice of violation against sa establishment," Tianero said.

But Tianero declined to give the exact date when the school will inspect the school. - THE FREEMAN

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