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Consolacion officials urge police to crack rob, murder cases

CEBU, Philippines - Consolacion town officials, alarmed by the unsolved murder cases, urge the police to exert more effort in the investigations.

They hope that the new police chief, Inspector Wilbert Parilla, would prioritize these cases.

Consolacion Municipal Councilor Iluminado Alin delivered a privilege speech before members of the municipal council citing unsolved cases, the latest of which were the killing of a security guard in barangay Tayud and the robbery case involving Phenix Gasoline Station in the same barangay.

Until now, the police are still investigating the robbery and the killing.

But the Consolacion police said they have already identified one of the robbers but cannot confirm yet his link with the two assailants.

However, Alin said the police are now focusing their investigation on a group believed to have carried out a series of robberies in the town.

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Alin also raised the same issue during the time of former Consolacion police chief Teodulo Manatad III.

Manatad has been transferred to the Special Reaction Unit of the Cebu Provincial Police Office.

He was replaced by Parilla who came from the Argao Police Station.

Alin said he will propose to the members of the municipal council to invite Parilla to hear what his plans and programs are for the town police department.

Consolacion has become a favorite place for businessmen to pour in their investments, citing the on-going construction of SM Mall, said Alin.  

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