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Mandaue ordinance covers "Vulcaseal"

CEBU, Philippines - A Mandaue City councilor yesterday said an ordinance which regulates the sale of the sealant “Vulcaseal” and other ordinary household volatile adhesives is in place contrary to reports that the city lacks a law that controls the sale of “Vulcaseal.”

Minors who use the sealants for the purpose of inducing intoxication, according to reports, have shifted to “Vulcaseal” from “Rugby” because “Vulcaseal” is not restricted.

Councilor Jimmy Lumapas yesterday said his ordinance No.12-2011-668, which was approved last February 14, clarified that the measure does not only restrict the use of “Rugby” but also “Vulcaseal” and other commonplace sealants.

Lumapas said he is aware the police run after “solvent users” who are mostly minors.

But the city council cannot propose a much higher penalty for violators, as stipulated by law, which could finally put a stop to the habit, he said.

Under the ordinance, persons who are using or possessing illegally the volatile substances are fined P500 and imprisoned for not more than 30 days.

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PO2 Famador of the Centro police station said the courts impose only fifteen days of imprisonment on those who buy “Vulcaseal” and distribute this to street children for their consumption.

Once freed, violators go back to their buying and selling of the sealant.

“Kasagaran sa manggamit mga minors apan ang dagko maoy mopalit ug ibaligya sa tag singko ang kutsara. Apan 15 days ra man ang imprisonment busa mobalik na pud na sila ug pamaligya ngadto sa mga minors,hapit kada adlaw man gani among panakop anang mga bataa, apan inig hatod sa DSWD makabuhi ra gihapon,” Famador said.

The ordinance also penalizes those caught selling the volatile substance with P 2,000 for the first offense, P3,000 for the second offense, and P3,000 and closure of the establishment for the third offense.

Since unscrupulous establishments continue to sell sealants to youth offenders, Lumapas said he might amend his ordinance.

But it is also stipulated in the ordinance that users of the “illegal substance” who are 15 years old below will only be made to undergo an intervention program initiated by the City Social Welfare Service (CSWS) office.

He also hopes the Senate could also act on it since it is not the problem of the city alone but of the whole nation due to poverty.

“Di man gud ka-penalize sa ginikanan kay pobre sad, busa neglected ning mga bataa kay ang parents sad nangita ug ilang survival,” Lumapas adds.

Estimated namo dire sa station 1 lang daan 10 to 15 offenders a week among mahatod sa DSWD. Usahay amo ra pung seminaron dire sa police station ug paanhion ang ginikanan ug storyahan,” Famador said. (FREEMAN)

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