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Man arrested for "beating" nephew

CEBU, Philippines - A man was arrested for allegedly beating and wounding his 13-year-old nephew with a kitchen knife for suspicions the boy burgled his internet café in sitio Tribunal in barangay Centro, Mandaue City Friday evening.

Neil Heyrosa, 42, single, was arrested after the boy’s mother complained to the police. She told police Heyrosa accused her son of breaking into his internet café, which the boy has denied.

As alleged, Heyrosa dragged the boy and beat him after he denied the accusation.

Heyrosa then grabbed a kitchen knife from a table nearby and stabbed and wounded the boy’s left hand.

Another uncle took the boy to a hospital and then sought police assistance.

The police found Heyrosa drinking with friends.

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Heyrosa was taken to the Mandaue City Hospital by the police for a liquor test after which he was detained.   

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