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For bashing partner , Korean national held, freed

CEBU, Philippines - The police arrested yesterday a Korean national who allegedly often batters his live-in partner.

 The Korean however denied the allegations.

At the police station, the woman said when she arrived home she caught the Korean scolding their two-year-old daughter.

When she asked the Korean why he was scolding their daughter, he allegedly answered her, “who are you to ask me? Do you have money? In Korea I’m a big boss and the head of gangsters. I am not afraid to kill.”

As soon as he was finished talking, the woman said the Korean attacked her, banging her head on the wall and punching her in the face.

Subangdaku police station chief P/Insp. Ramil Morpos said the Korean national has been released but the police will help the woman file a physical injury case against him. – (FREEMAN)

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