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‘When we started music we wanted to not be responsible. We used to make jokes to each other and call each other ‘colleagues’ at the time as if this was a job. And the precious thing about it is it is a job, but it sure doesn’t feel like one.’

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Documentary filmmaker Gabriel Malvar puts the spotlight on Philippine travel destinations that fall below the radar, minus the glitz and glamour of tourism.

It’s but a sign of the times.

‘Esquire Philippines’ just put out its last issue after seven years of publishing. Here, a few notes on ‘Man at his Best.’

A wine newbie divulges her favorite bottles under P500.

Gone are the gutsy disco-punk anthems that got us dancing to Taken By Cars; their third album, ‘Plagues,’ punches through the ceiling with sparse, dreamy textures and eclectic arrang ments.

Zines, not to be mistaken with magazines, are completely self-indulgent, works of art in and of themselves, and may be the product that inspires a print renaissance.

Jaime Lannister is the only true ‘Game of Thrones’ character left. His moral ambiguity is a hallmark of the show’s lifelike complexity.

At a time when it matters the most, Netflix provides a space for the representation of all women of every size, every color, every background, every quirk, and every story.

When the Rebelde team sat down with me months ago to convince me to join their fourth five-day film camp as a guest judge, my first question was: “Why me?” I asked because: I’m not a filmmaker and I’m not a professional film critic.

TBA Studios had a grand launch last July 26 in which they introduced their new film projects. Aside from Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral (the anticipated follow-up to Heneral Luna), Birdshot and Weeping River, they also announced the release of Carlo Obispo’s 1-2-3; Raya Martin’s Smaller and Smaller Circles (based on the 2002 mystery novel by F.H. Batacan); as well as a film adaptation of The Mythology Class, a graphic novel by Arnold Arre, to be directed by Jerrold Tarog.

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