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It was never a secret that Harvey Weinstein is a horrible person. Stories of him berating actors, directors, distributors, and all manner of industry insiders have been part of modern Hollywood lore since the glory days of Miramax, the film company he founded with his brother Bob Weinstein. So it wasn’t much of a shock when accounts of sexual assault and rape committed by the notoriously unscrupulous Hollywood bully surfaced this month.

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Winning the Grand Prize in this year’s Palanca Awards is not the greatest feat of Glenn Diaz’s first book, The Quiet Ones (Ateneo Press, 2017).

I pointed at a dark cloud ahead of us and asked with a hint of worry, “Are we going that way?” Our guide couldn’t understand English, but he knew that I was nervous. He trotted forward, and nodded with a sly devilish smile.

When thinking about music icons who have transcended their legacy into close-to-home otherness, Dong Abay comes to mind. Over the past 25 years, the former Yano frontman has built an entire career challenging the rulebook of the local music scene with anti-establishment ideals and outsider ingenuity.

While everyone seems to be binging on Netflix — the overlooked entertainment portal really is still YouTube.

There is a common statement often dropped whenever somebody mentions that he/she is from Mandaluyong — a city within Manila.

Blade Runner 2049’s obvious but most clever design is meant to hinge the proof of existence on the capability to love.

‘Seven Sundays’ takes Aga Muhlach out of the romantic sphere, with Muhlach playing the big brother who sacrificed his own dreams for the sake of everyone else’s.

Taking the unprepossessing Marlou to the operating table and turning him into a matinee idol is a move that sends a clear message: plastic surgery is not just for the rich. It is for everyone.

What it’s like to dine in Gaggan, ranked No. 1 for three consecutive years among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants — before they shut it down.

It’s not the interaction between animals and people that needs getting used to in BoJack Horseman; it’s the interaction between absurdist comedy and deep psychological drama.

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