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There are moments in Get Out, Jordan Peele’s runaway horror hit, that give you the creepy crawlies, and they’re not always the ones when an attacker lunges out of the dark.

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I watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with my sister five days ago. Right after I watched it, I posted this reaction on social media: “Just saw Beauty and the Beast. EVERYTHING about it is superlatively wonderful. Magical in all aspects. Music is beyond beautiful.”

I am where I am now because of prayers. I am a witness to the great miracles that prayers bring.

A few days after my biopsy, my surgeon gently broke the news to me.

When do you know whether you’re scoring a success, or hitting a failure? That’s a question Loy’s Harem appears to be facing now. When we began to put on our little show at Punta Bar on March 1, we had a big enough crowd. I wrote about it and friends who read my column came.

When we take time out to celebrate a beautiful life, we are rewarded with memories to cherish.

nyone who hates math probably doesn’t know who Pietro Boselli is. He’s the 28-year-old Italian hunk who went from engineer and lecturer to becoming one of the most sought-after international models in just two years.

The only way, really, is for me to do it every day. Like a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, a marriage — this, too, is something best taken on regularly, in regular doses, a constant (and mindful) must-do.

Family will always be there for us and influence our lives. Then there are friends, co-workers, famous personalities that inspire us and have a positive influence in our lives. We asked personalities to describe that one person that has been a positive influence on their lives. Who’s yours?

Scanning through my computer, trying to restore some order, I came across this piece written by an old man who died in a US nursing home. It touched me very deeply and I thought I would republish it here for my readers.

What happens when a world leader is wacked out on drugs?

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