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nyone who hates math probably doesn’t know who Pietro Boselli is. He’s the 28-year-old Italian hunk who went from engineer and lecturer to becoming one of the most sought-after international models in just two years.

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The only way, really, is for me to do it every day. Like a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, a marriage — this, too, is something best taken on regularly, in regular doses, a constant (and mindful) must-do.

Family will always be there for us and influence our lives. Then there are friends, co-workers, famous personalities that inspire us and have a positive influence in our lives. We asked personalities to describe that one person that has been a positive influence on their lives. Who’s yours?

Scanning through my computer, trying to restore some order, I came across this piece written by an old man who died in a US nursing home. It touched me very deeply and I thought I would republish it here for my readers.

What happens when a world leader is wacked out on drugs?

Lydia and I became grandparents for the second time three weeks ago. My daughter Ala and her husband John gave birth to Marceline, a beautiful, tiny miracle. Thank God, Ala had a very safe delivery. Mother, father and baby are well. John and Ala are still giddy about the whole experience.

‘Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes: that’s what actors do every day. If only our political figures could practice that!’


Did you know that in the Asia Pacific region, Filipino women are the least likely to experience sexism (read: discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping against women on account of sex)?

On the countertop of my bathroom sink you will find a tray filled with items that rightfully belong in our kitchen pantry — a big fat jar of VCO

The age of the Hollywood reboot continues full force with Kong: Skull Island, a thriller that takes us somewhere to the South Pacific for a bit of face-time with the largest Kong to yet hit the big screen. Directed by relative newcomer Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the $185 million resurrection of our favorite oversized primate brings a team of scientists, backed by military might during the tail-end of the Vietnam War (circa 1973), to a remote location where wild things are said to roam.

I grew up seeing my father’s love for books. In fact, around my parents’ room, piles of books were stacked high, and the basement was also filled with books my dad had read.

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