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It seems one cannot have enough owls. For owl collector Elaine Dichupa, this should generate endless luck and freedom from suffering. Maybe  that’s why she has such a happy  disposition. And such wisdom.

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I am in Sydney as I write this. I have been here two weeks.
 Prior to this visit, I was home for close to 10 months with only one foreign trip, to Taiwan. I have been, for the most part, home in the Philippines.

We were friends when we were young, lovely enough, not worried about wrinkles or white hair. How did all those years so quickly pass, leaving a trail of memories?

The big news this week in the art circle is that the son of the great Colombian artist-sculptor Fernando Botero was in Manila.

So France has a new president, Emmanuel Macron. So what? So his wife, Bibi — short for Brigitte, as in Bardot — is 25 years older than he is.

Facts sometimes have a strange and bizarre power that makes their inherent truth seem unbelievable. — “Minnesota Manifesto,” Werner Herzog


Ripley was right all along: Sigourney Weaver’s iconic character knew from the very first Alien (1979) not to let the late great John Hurt back into the Nostromo because he was probably infectious. And boy, was she on the nose. But she was overridden by a duplicitous synthetic with nefarious motives, aka Ian Holm.

For this Mother’s Day, I decided to ask my daughter, Ala Paredes Buencamino, to write her feelings down about being a new mom. I thought first-time mothers out there would resonate with this since most Mother’s Day articles will probably be talking about older mothers and how they have successfully raised their children.

What was it like growing up with your mother Chitang Nakpil? ‘I just loved basking in her shadow. I had a very stimulating childhood because my parents had many interesting friends.’



Swatch celebrates Mother’s Day with a sweet pop-up display: a four-tier cake, adorned with carnation pink icing, and laced with blushing flowers made especially for Mom. You can find the magnanimous pastry sitting proudly in the middle of the fashion boutique store Univers, a celebrated retail store found at One Rockwell, carrying a curated collection of high fashion design labels from across the globe.

Age is indeed only a number these days, especially with amazing advancements in our health sciences and the global popularity of physical fitness, making mothers look as beautiful as ever.

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