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By now, many are familiar with Ang Larawan’s fraught journey through its run of the just concluded 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF): from being pulled out from theaters on its second day...

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I am a big fan of music.

The present occupant of the White House, who recently unleashed fire and fury upon countries he deems “s**tholes,” has never been afraid of confrontation or even provoking disgust and outrage. In that light, it’s time to consider Michael Wolff’s flamethrower of an Oval Office tell-all, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

I have always loved sports. I think life without sports is boring and not worth living. Sports keeps your blood pumping.” So says Peter Grimes, married to Maris with four sons, Ben (19), Sam (17), Dan (12) and Josh (nine).

These days I have to select letters from the alphabet to help me describe how I feel. I think I will begin with the letter “S.” The first word that pops into my head is “sorrow.”

Memories created with the family are always special. They are cherished forever because they’re the solid constitution that glues family members together.

So when did you experience your first snowfall? I had mine a month ago.

I thought that I would be freed from this task of making my yearly projections for 2018.

I want to thank everyone — more than 100 people — who sent congratulations to us in response to last week’s long column.

Two of my favorite literary voices left the planet last year, and it was comforting to come upon their works in National Book Store recently.

Amazing how miniature teapot collecting has caught on and developed quite a following in the international scene.

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