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This summer, beat the heat by eating more fruits and drinking more water. Fruits are water-rich food that are refreshing, full of nutrients, and low in calories.

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April is known as the Philippine Food Month and time to celebrate the Flavors of the Philippines, the month-long gastronomic event hosted by the Department of Tourism (DoT) as the local component of the Madrid Fusion Manila.
There was an air of reverence and concentration in the open kitchen of Conrad Manila's Brasserie on 3 that night a few weeks ago.
It sounds so simple but for the elegance of its execution. Take something familiar and create something unfamiliar — this was how chef Chele Gonzalez of Gallery Vask explained the motive behind his "savory halo-halo" — bites of yellowfin tuna kinilaw marinated in pinakurat vinegar, red onions, ginger and chili, smoked coconut milk and finely shaved ice made with calamansi.
Our first taste of the Ibiza Beach Club experience at Mövenpick Hotel in Mactan still remains memorable.
When one hears the name Nobu, one immediately thinks "fine Japanese-Peruvian fare," many thanks to the innovation of renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, whose black cod in miso took the world by storm.
Adventurous people who are all about exploring new places and new cultures were the travelers Savoy Boracay had in mind in designing the hotel — a perfect fit for its promise to 'Color your experience.'
When you think of Boracay, you think of the parties, great sunsets, the blue sea, restaurants and bars, and overcrowded weekends.
With a culinary career that spans over a decade, chef Luis Chikiamco has traveled and savored the world, so to speak.
'Back then, art materials were a bit costly. I couldn't always afford to buy expensive watercolor brands, so I started to explore with improvised materials like coffee. I enjoyed making these art pieces even late at night because of the smell of coffee that invigorated me — the aroma filled my  entire room,' says food artist Mel Aguinaldo.
British Ambassador Asif Ahmad first experienced Quorn when he was a student in England. "That was way back when I was younger," he says. "It was a cheap alternative to meat."