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Filipino inventor Aisa Mijeno represents Philippines in US competition

Aisa Jimeno and her brother, Raphael, at the Global Grand Challenge Awards in California, USA. Sustainable Alternative Lighting/Facebook

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino inventor Aisa Mijeno, together with her brother Raphael, represented not only the Philippines but the whole of Asia during the recent Global Grand Challenge Awards held in California, USA.

Aisa, inventor of the SALt lamp, founded the Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt), a social movement that aims to provide alternative lighting solutions together with her brother. The LED lamp is powered by salt water, a cheap and abundant source of energy in the Philippines especially in provinces where the sea is only a few meters away. She was also commended by US President Barack Obama during the APEC CEO Summit last year.

The two were chosen by Silicon Valley's Singularity University from a number of applicants worldwide to participate in the Energy Track of Global Grand Challenge Awards, a venue for talented scientists, technologists, designers and other passionate change agents with the potential to tackle Global Grand Challenge and present innovative solutions that impact billions of lives.

Philippine Airlines supported her and her brother by flying them to California.

Aside from presenting their social enterprise, they were also chosen to participate in the Sci-Fi Design Intelligence Workshop in the Singularity University Labs in NASA Ames Research Center. They were able to meet other chosen participants from different parts of the world for future synergy and collaboration while exploring the NASA grounds.

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