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Feng shui in the bedroom

Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez of the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony at the Mandarin Oriental Manila. CRIS CAYANAN

MANILA, Philippines - Those who are looking to invite romance into their life or maintain the harmony of the one they currently have should pay more attention to the northern area of their bedroom this Year of the Water Snake.

Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez of the Mandarin Oriental Manila's Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony said that the romance direction this year points to the north and advised that single ladies and gentlemen keep this area "clutter-free."

"If you want to invite romance into your life this year, you have to make sure that this area is neat and clean. You can also put a vase of fresh flowers to help invite a romantic, positive energy into your life," she said in an interview with on Wednesday.

Fernandez is a student of the late Paul Lau, the feng shui master who made the ancient Chinese practice of balance and harmony popular in the Philippines.

Placing a photo of your "ideal" in the northern area would also help invite the right partner to come into your life, she said.

This practice does not apply to couples, though.

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"If we put something that will attract romance in that area for couples, we might be inviting a third party, which we don't want to happen," she said.

Fernandez advised that couples should avoid putting water fountains in their bedrooms as this, aside from motivating luck, also motivates "romance luck."

"For couples, we just want to maintain the harmony of the relationship," she said, adding that it would help to put a Happy Couple charm in the northern area to maintain "conjugal bliss and a harmonious, steady relationship."

Fernandez is quick to point out, though, that each person also has his or her permanent "romantic direction." This depends on the time, day and year you were born.

"Just like there are permanent wealth stars for buildings and structures, people also have permanent romance directions," she said.

This may not necessarily be the "lucky" romance direction for a particular year.

"What others do, though, is to make their personal romance direction and the romance direction of a particular year neat, clean and clutter-free," she said.

To determine the correct direction in your bedroom, Fernandez advised that you stand in the center of your bedroom and with the use of a compass, look for that particular direction that has been deemed lucky.

"But if you live by yourself, you have to take into consideration your entire house or your entire condominium unit (in determining the center). But if you live with other people or with your family, then you just have to consider your bedroom," she concluded.

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