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Enrol in tourism, business courses

The Commission on Higher Education has reportedly identified five “oversubscribed” courses whose graduates face lower chances of employment: nursing, business administration, hotel and restaurant management, information technology, and teacher education.

It is very interesting that teacher education is added when a previous article brought up that the Philippines is lacking in quality teachers because they are going to other ASEAN nations to teach English. I would think the native-born Filipino children majoring in Secondary Education specializing in English will still be in demand if the country is not so proficient in the English language.

The new director of the Department of Tourism is planning on launching a multi-billion American dollars tourism revenue campaign so I would think hotel and restaurant management would still have a bright future. I do not know about IT unless Ethanol Production Companies and Agribusinesses need high tech computers to monitor and regulate their production.

As long as society believes in business enterprise, if you like business, you cannot go wrong taking business administration with management and finance. Take a few entrepreneurial classes as electives if you are worried and start your own business empire if you cannot land a good and satisfying job.

New banks are flourishing just on the successes of small businesses and entrepreneurial spirit from agribusiness so a degree in Commerce might be good to consider.

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