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Learning tool of the future

I believed that back when I had an intro to Business class during my sophomore year in high school in 1976; the class introduced the potential of portable computers for private use.

Back then banks and the military had the big hardware room size computers, but I was arguing for marketing to the private sector, unless it was portable like the tablet PC concept it could turn into a fad type of marketing, here today and gone tomorrow.

With the tablet PC, the product will be revolutionized into an almost necessity product like shoes.

From communications to business to education, it will be the tool of the future and beyond.

The Dep Ed can have a website that the children can access to read their lesson plans and e-books using the tablet PC that they can do now with Internet cafés.

It was a sophomoric idea back in 1976, but it will be the future to cut cost and to improve the quality of education. The lack of printed books will not prevent the Filipino children from learning because the private sector will be willing to help assist in providing the technology like I just did by telling ways to use it on the Internet.

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It has been the inability to provide printed books for the children; used to criticize the quality of education in the Philippines.

When I first arrived back in Dec. 2, 2004, I was told by local teachers that in most of the national elementary schools and national high schools, many had to teach with one textbook per class. The teacher’s manual was the only textbook available in many situations.

The country is improving in less than 10 years if the tablet PC is being discussed as a possible tool for our children.

There is a God that jealous men cannot fight. It is called destiny.

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