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The counter-productive NAIA-3 dispute

Malacanang’s recent pronouncement that it is willing to listen to the proposal of the Philippine International Air Terminal Co. Inc. (PIATCO) for a possible settlement over the dispute at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA 3) is a welcome, laudable news that would hopefully restore anew foreign investor confidence in the country.

The 10-year-old NAIA 3 legal war had already created negative impressions and had eroded investor confidence from Germany and the rest of Europe, which have been for years calling for a settlement to the row.

President Aquino ought to finally put a period to all of these. Instead of spending money on the long, tedious legal battles that caused only divisiveness and the ire of potential investors from countries in Europe, it would be more pragmatic for this administration to just sit down with PIATCO and look for a common ground that would be mutually acceptable and for the best interest of both parties.

Credibility and trustworthiness are hallmarks of this country. They are very crucial in defining how mature have we become, as a struggling, yet striving nation.

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