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Do you agree or disagree that Filipinos are gullible?

Filipinos can be gullible, especially during election time, but they aren’t naive. They learn, or try to learn, from mistakes. – Dino Monzon, Caloocan City

The poor and uneducated are gullible; many Filipinos are poor and uneducated. Therefore, many Filipinos are gullible. – Rodolfo Capili, Caloocan City

The bitter truth

The truth hurts, but yes, Filipinos are gullible. That’s why politicians who are very good maglubid ng buhangin win in elections. – E. Linsangan, Isabela

With the kind of characters we voted for in the Senate, yup, I believe that the majority of Filipinos are gullible. – Edgar Artates, Parañaque City

Yes, in politics, voters can be easily persuaded with promises of jobs, etc. They fall for it hook, line and sinker. – Dave Velasco, Marinduque

Filipinos have no sense of analysis in the sociopolitical field, casting votes in favor of the same corrupt politicians running for another official mandate. Filipinos choose leaders by popularity and by affinity, fully believing that politicians that are giving out money are the persons worthy of their votes. - Maria-Cecilia Impens Brussels, Belgium

We are only gullible during elections! Take a look at our so-called leaders. They are either related to crocodiles or to swine! – Coty Parco, Aklan

Yes, during elections, because of our dire need for jobs, money and entertainment, and our need for education. – Ed Alawi, Davao City

I agree, because we have been electing to public office misfits whose main purpose is just to enrich themselves, thereby, neglecting the public. – Romeo Caubat, Masbate

The way we re-elect our trapos again and again proves how gullible we are. – Noel Diaz, Manila

Yes, Pinoys are gullible. We are easily deceived, especially by the politicians’ honeyed words when they ask us to vote for them. – Nene Biason, Las Piñas City

Yes, most Pinoys are. If not, why do we have a Jamby, Lito, and Bong in the Senate? Why do we have corrupt leaders in Malacañang and other places? – Col. Ben Paguirigan Jr., Ret., Zamboanga City

Since the Philippines became a Republic, Filipinos have remained gullible, especially in electing their national leaders. Mga uto-uto tayo. – Jim Veneracion, Naga City

True. It was proven when we elected the Apo, Cory, Fidel, Erap and GMA as our President. – Dr. Hiram Tiburcio, Lapulapu City

I agree. Our race surpassing not only one but several colonizers is proof enough. Presently, we are Asia’s most corrupt, thanks to our leaders. – Imee Aglibot, Rizal

Bereftn of opportunity

The majority, yes! Uto-uto or easy to manipulate is more apt, because of lack of education and information. The government and the elite will always want to maintain the Filipinos’ limited access to education and information because like this, they are easier to control and manipulate. The Spaniards introduced the “fiestas and ferias” to control the growing opposition of the indios to their oppressive rule. – Manuel Abejero, Pangasinan

According to studies, the average education of Filipinos is Grade 4. No wonder most of us are easily swayed and gullible. – Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City

Yes, because of the deteriorating educational system and loose morals and values, the majority of the poor are gullible. – Ed Alawi, Davao City 

Yes, we are a bunch of gullible creatures. Poverty makes us so and we usually fall for corrupt politicians’ promises. – Lito Sandico, Quezon City

We just don’t lift a finger

No, the fact is, we know that fraud, particularly in our government, happens. But we do not lift a finger to thwart it. – Cris Rivera, Rizal

Sometimes, we roll over and play dead each time those in power lie or act upon their lies. – Johann Lucas, Quezon City

Beg to disagree

I don’t agree that Filipinos are gullible. We are an intelligent race, but our being poor seems to be the reason why we are fooled at times. – Julio Ibon, Laoag City

The way I look at it, based on recent events in our country, the gullible among our people are less in number than those who are not. However, the gullible seem to be the noisier lot and more prone to rash action. – I. Calata, Parañaque City

I totally disagree. Filipinos now are much smarter because we have better access to information through the Internet. – Paulet Hernando, Ilocos Norte

Not all Pinoys are gullible. We have the Senate and some church leaders like Archbishop Cruz. Don’t forget Jun Lozada. – Armando Tavera, Las Piñas City

I don’t believe that Filipinos are easily duped. It’s the other way around. It’s only the actions of the stupid officials of this country who are hungry for money that gives  this impression. – Steve dela Cruz, Metro Manila

Skeptical, yes; deceivable, no. Pinoys have the fortitude to listen and observe others’ words and actions and scrupulously weigh if those words or actions are useful or deleterious. If found phony, it becomes a source of jokes. A case in point: a whistleblower who wanted to become a hero is now recognized as a “crying marionette.” – Rey Onate, Palayan City

Filipinos can’t be gullible because of RP’s high literacy rate. In fact, the anti-PGMA plots failed because the majority didn’t bite. – C. Fundales, Bulacan

Paretto principle

Pareto’s Law says so. Eighty percent of the population is most likely gullible, and 20 percent most likely not. – Allan Vizmanos, Quezon City


Gullible? My bigger concern is: Are we “galley” slaves chained to a ship of state, seaworthy only for Titanic talaba culture? – Carlos Yakal, Kalinga

Both of the above, as there are two kinds of Filipinos: “Isang nanloloko at isang nagpapaloko”. – Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan

Too vulnerable

I don’t agree. Filipinos are not gullible; they are just too kind and submissive sometimes. – S.C. Tomines, Tarlac City

If we weren’t gullible, there would not be victims of illegal recruiters, no young prostitutes or GROs, and there would be no networking scams. I can’t blame them. Life here can be too difficult to handle. Many Pinoys rely on luck. See the long lines in lotto outlets? They want to have a taste of the good life the easiest way. Pinoys also have soft hearts, which is why they fall prey to sweet tongues and promises. They are easily convinced by a mere show of tears. We also have plenty of faith healers adored like gods by fanatics. Many of them are fakes and devils in disguise. – Rose Leobrera, Manila

I agree, being naturally emotional, Filipinos buy products based not on product quality but on their favorite product endorser. – Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte

I agree. Maybe it’s because we are too trusting, until we learn from experience. – Felma Aguilan, Occidental Mindoro

I’d say that Filipinos in general, are too trusting people, suckers for sad stories, even compassionate to the point of being blind to some evil designs of swindler-countrymen and thus become willing victims of investment scams, foolish games, etc. Filipinos are gullible. – Myrna Militante, Quezon City

No, Pinoys are rather too trusting and short-sighted especially to the good life and are mistaken to be gullible. – Anniza Joy Anda, Pangasinan

As gullible as can be

When Ferdinand Marcos said, “This nation can be great again”, we believed him. “Walang kumpare, walang kamag-anak,” Erap boasted, and we believed him. “Trust me!” Tibayan, Mateo, Franc Swiss, etc. said, and we believed them. Obvious di ba? – Gerii Calupitan, Mandaluyong City

Yes, with our prostituted culture, we have become the laughingstock of the world. Despite so many trials, we never learn. – Leonard Villa, Laoag City

There are many manifestations that Filipinos, though not all, are gullible. Filipino Christians follow Christians in other countries in observing church traditions and practices that are against Christian teachings. Due to colonial mentality, imported products are perceived as better and are more saleable than local products. In politics, popular celebrities have an edge over competent and effective candidates. Inferior products, if endorsed by movie stars, can command better sales. Anything that appeals to the sensitivity is more popular that anything that appeals to the intellect. There are many more that I can mention, but it would occupy the whole column of Inbox World. - Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City

The Filipinos will swallow just about anything – with one exception, and that’s non-existent rice. – Richard Lapuz, Manila

Yes, most can’t distinguish perception from facts nor discern lopsided, shallow at times, and intentionally misleading news fed by favored media. – Norberto Robles, Taguig

I agree, with no reservations or qualifications. – Rey Binuya, Mandaluyong City

Yes,  most Filipinos are gullible. Mga makuwento kasama ng pagpatawa kahit naghihirap sa buhay. – C. Manalastas, Manila

Just playing gullible

I disagree. Filipinos could always be as shrewd as being hospitable as they always are! – Leandro Tolentino, Batangas City

I don’t think Pinoys are gullible. Mas marami pa nga ang mga tuso. – A.M. Locsin, Quezon City

I disagree. Mautak ang Pinoy. Name your price lang ‘yan. – Gil Balobalo, Laguna

I don’t agree that Filipinos are gullible. In fact, based on history, we are intrepid, gallant and sigurista and we cannot be swayed easily. – Manny Gamo Sr., Las Piñas City

What kind of question is that!? While admittedly some are gullible, I find most Filipinos shrewd, witty and wise. Want to bet? – Nap Cinco, Rizal

People power is a testimony that Filipinos in general could never be fooled all the time but only wise enough acting to be gullible like idiots so as to sateguard motives and greed, such as accepting dough for votes, playing clowns and grandstand for media mileage or boldly faking as pimps prostituting islets for golden tong-pats.’ arteng bobo, pera’y sigurado’. – Geoffrey Gumban, Davao City

The opposition thinks so

Associate yourself with the opposition. Say something against this administration without presenting any evidence, you’ll see... - Nyogie San Andres Camarines Sur

Not really. Only the opposition thinks so and they want us to believe all their stupid assertions and perorations. – Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City

False hope?

Gullible because we believe in our country’s bright future? I hope it’s our Christian faith, translated into hard work, not daydreams. – Tony Tudor, Metro Manila


Let’s not generalize

I disagree; nationality or citizenship has nothing to do with being gullible. It’s in the person. – Gerry del Cano, Tarlac

Like any other humans, Filipinos may be gullible, not by nature but by circumstance. But goodness prevails more often than not. – R.M. Nueva, Quirino Province

No more or less than people of any other country. It depends on each individual’s street smarts. – Ed Ledesma, Iloilo City

Let’s not take that generally. Some really are, while some are skeptics, understandably, depending on social status. To each his own. – Nestor Buñag, Mandaluyong City

To generalize a race as gullible or not will merely make you the personification of the word. – Yvette Sarabia, San Carlos City


What? A bill that would ban mimicking others was filed in Congress! How stupid is that?– Tony Aquino, Makati City

Sa mga opispo, ano kaya ang mas masama: Ang pagdating ng Playboy magazine o ang ginagawa ni Oscar Cruz at Lozada? – Lope Rigunay, Manila


Filipinos shouldn’t be allowed to migrate lest they contaminate and corrupt other countries. – C.A. Ramirez, Quezon City


To T. Sanez: Yes, CARP is to blame for the rice crisis. It doles out fertilizers by interchanging its two middle initials. – Ric Lapuz, Manila

To D.M. Torrevillas: Senators know no rules. They didn’t even respect their co-equal branch of government. They are arrogant and power trippers. – F.Rafer, Bacoor

To C.T. Galang: Indeed, Sen. Pimentel seems to have grown more gray hair as he appears to act as the Senate’s chief faultfinder. – N.V. Lansangan, Tarlac


Kudos! Your frontpage photo of Gawad Kalinga’s vine-covered homes re-affirms the ending of my 35-year OFW exile. – Art Bugarin, Tarlac

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