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Do you believe that the impeachment complaint against the Ombudsman is politically motivated?

Armando Tavera, Las Piñas City: Obviously, yes. Those who filed the impeachment case against Ombudsman Gutierrez are less credible or have no credibility at all.

Jess Carpena, Metro Manila: No, the people who filed the impeachment complaint are persons of high integrity. We should look into the merits of the case filed against her.  

There is probable cause

Durbin Rantael, Quezon City: No, the witnesses and evidences presented in court against the Ombudsman make me believe she is impeachable.  

Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: The Ombudsman failed to prosecute high-profile public officials due to non-appreciation of submitted evidence.  

Joel Caluag, Bulacan: No, I believe that the impeachment complaint has probable cause. What will make it not stand in Congress is the participation of Dinky and Rep. Baraquel.  

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Voz Butuyan, Pangasinan: I feel that the impeachment complaint has basis on fact and reality. Let the Ombudsman now be judged by the whims of history.  

Manuel Abejero, Pangasinan: There is truth to what the petitioners were complaining about. Ombudsman Gutierrez’s glorious days are numbered. Nagpapagamit kaya naipit.  

Elpidio Que, Vigan: Some of the endorsers of the impeachment complaints against Ombudsman Gutierrez might have been politically motivated, either to get even or for reason of political ambition. So what? Her appointment as Ombudsman is viewed not only as politically motivated but criminally motivated as well.  

It must be politically motivated

Nick Ocampo, Angeles City: Yes, I really believe that this complaint against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is politically motivated. Why not file the complaint in court?  

Leandro Tolentino, Batangas City:  Yes, it must be. Impeachment is a political exercise and the complaint was filed on a biased presumption that the Ombudsman was sitting on some cases.

Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: Yes, whenever there are issues in government, it’s usually politically motivated. It may not be obvious, but that is often the case.  

Josh Pacatang, Dipolog City: Of course, Mr. Butuyan, the impeachment complaint against your kababayan Merceditas Gutierrez, like those filed against Aniano Desierto, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo, is politically motivated. The science of government, as well as the art of running it, is always politically motivated whether for good or not.  

Change the Ombudsman

Jose Fabello Jr., Cagayan de Oro City: It’s not politically motivated. The Ombudsman will not sit on cases for nothing. The complainants do not like it when cases are being sat on. It is time to replace the Ombudsman.  

Nestor Buñag, Mandaluyong City: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn, but let’s consider the numerous cases of government scoundrels, scalawags that keeps Ombudsman busy. It’s best to expand.  

Ed Alawi, Davao City: Whatever. What we perceive as the Ombudsman’s silence or inaction on cases involving PGMA family and her close allies is unfair to others.  

William Gonzaga, Marikina City: Yes, it’s the way to exorcise the Ombudsman of the evil politics of encouraging corrupt practices that gave us a dubious reputation as Asia’s most corrupt perpetrated with utmost impunity by PGMA’s allies. Her accusers are evading the real issues of the impeachment case against her.

Joseph Aliviado, Cagayan de Oro City: It is the favorite line of public officials whenever they are subjected to complaints. We are not dumb to know what cases she solved because there are none. It’s better for her to resign honorably.  

Gutierrez must face the music

Concepcion Gaspar, Laoag City: Did Gutierrez promptly resolve the WB report on anomalies forwarded to her office three years ago? If it’s politically motivated, that’s just to be expected. However, she must face the music and prove her innocence. Suspicion of protection of high-profile people involved is being projected because of her seeming lack of interest and immediate attention to the accusations. There is nothing to fear as long as she believes she did what was right. If not, she has to suffer the consequences.  

Jim Veneracion, Naga City: No, unless the Ombudsman is a future candidate, what is at stake here is her poor track record of sitting on high-profile corruption cases of GMA’s government.  

Glen Reyes, Quezon City: No, what the Ombudsman is being accused of is partly true. She should explain the reason why big corruption cases are being neglected.  

Sahlee Reyes, Las Piñas City: The impeachment complaint may or may not be politically motivated, but Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez deserves to be impeached because she has betrayed public trust, committed gross incompetence and failed to uphold the mandate and fulfill her Constitutional duty as Ombudsman.  

Practically everything is

Patrick Miranda, Marikina City: Yes, and practically everything that happens in our society revolves around politics.

Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: This impeachment move is an exercise in futility. 

Of course, it is political. What’s not political when interests of politicians set in?  

L.C. Fiel, Quezon City: In the Philippines, everything is politically motivated, including (excuse me) farting.  

Richard Decena, Quezon City: The question should be, how can the Ombudsman be free from politics?

Gerii Calupitan, Muntinlupa City: Everything is politically motivated, Voz. Three friends in a bar were bragging about their respective professions. Doms, the engineer said, “God created, so he is an engineer.” Pete replied, “No, God needed plans, blueprints before creating. He’s an architect just like me.” Ernie laughed and said, “How dull can you guys get. Prostitution, erroneously called as the oldest profession, began only after Adam and Eve, when they reproduced. But, we politicians existed before the creation. Only darkness and chaos existed. E, sino ba ang may gawa ng gulo, di ba kaming mga politician?” O di politically motivated lahat!

She simply didn’t do her job

Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte: No, incompetence cannot hide under the skirt of political vendetta. The Ombudsman deserves to be impeached.  

C.B. Fundales, Bulacan: All impeachment proceedings have political color, but civil society is motivated more by displeasure over her inefficacy amidst unresolved graft/corrupt charges.  

2010 machinations

Loi Castillo, Davao City: Of course. It’s political season. With 13 months till the next election, politicians need to make gimmicks para mapansin ng mga botante. The first to go for the gimmick is the Ombudsman.  

Norberto Robles, Taguig: Yes, anything to get one’s face on primetime, such as endorsing a futile impeachment complaint. These are Lower House termites trying to eat their way up and reach the Upper House by 2010.  

Rico Fabello, Parañaque City: Yes. If it’s not politically motivated, we wouldn’t even know anything about this. With the 2010 elections nearing, these political spices are just starting to simmer. Hmm... Nice cooking.  

That is beside the point

Jose Parco, Aklan: We always say that everything is politically motivated, but that is beside the point. The fact is, the Ombudsman is not doing her job such as the need to investigate abuses/capricious acts of public officials. Being a political appointee, she only does as she is told. Take the case of the infamous Joc-Joc. A case was filed against him ages ago and it took eons to resurrect it and see that nothing has been done about it. It’s irrelevant whether it’s politically motivated or not.  

Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: My stand is, whether politically motivated or not, the more serious issue at hand is the snail-paced justice system that we have in the Philippines. Why doesn’t the good Ombudsman show to the public a flowchart on how cases are tried in their office so that our citizenry and the impeachment proponents are informed?  

Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: Politically motivated or not, the issue should be resolved on its merits and can only be ventilated in an impeachment trial. Otherwise, it’s useless.

Ishmael Calata, Parañaque City: In this country, there is hardly anything like this that is not tinted with political motivation. This one may be seen in the light of a saying in Tagalog: Hampas sa kalabaw, latay sa kabayo! Surely, someone else in the hierarchy of the government will be affected. But, I say that on this particular case, it is of no consequence whether it is politically motivated or not. What we need now in this country is transparency in all affairs of any functionary of government. Some cases before the Ombudsman have not been acted upon properly and with dispatch. We all know of a case where the public knew it was a done case versus the wrongdoer, but what happened? Whether this impeachment complaint was filed by former Senator Salonga or by the most rabid anti-government personality there is, let this office of the Ombudsman come out with its record during the impeachment hearing for the sake of accountability!  

Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: It’s immaterial if the impeachment complaint against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is politically motivated or not. The complaints are anchored on her failure to perform her duties. It only gets political because some cases involved some personages close to the administration, most notably the First Gentleman, who is perceived to be her godfather in her appointment in sensitive positions.  

She should clear her name

Johann Lucas, Quezon City: I don’t think so. The filing of an impeachment case is part of the democratic process and it’s a good opportunity for the Ombudsman to defend herself.  

Digoy Coro, Batangas: I don’t think so. She should answer the charges directly for her benefit, particularly the 2006 World Bank report.  

Fortunato Aguirre, Bulacan: That is what each of GMA’s minions cries whenever sued for their shenanigans. To M. Gutierrez, disprove the charges and clear your name.  

I see PGMA’s enemies

Sam Curameng, Pangasinan: Yes, it’s politically motivated. Most people in their group are enemies of the government and PGMA.  

Jun Totañes, Parañaque City: With the Black and White Movement and party list representatives backed up by known opposition figures spearheading the complaint, you can bet your cellphone load this is politically motivated.  

Ferdinand Rafer, Manila: The mere fact that the impeachment complaint was endorsed by the five leftist congressman makes it politically motivated. To them, its a chance to weaken the government.  

Juan Deveraturda, Subic, Zambales: Except for Salonga, many of those that endorsed the impeachment complaint are not credible as they have a political agenda against the Arroyo government. They are just using the impeachment case against the Ombudsman to embarrass and undermine the Arroyo administration.  

Even pro-administration solons want this

Ricardo Tolentino, Laoag City: No, for not only the opposition wants the Ombudsman to be impeached, even pro-administration congressmen want this too, badly, as it’s a free shake.  

Hidden political agenda

Dianne Aquino, Caloocan City: No doubt, considering the hidden political agenda and axe to grind against the Ombudsman by those who filed and sponsored the impeachment complaint. After failing to impeach the President, the same complainants are zeroing on the Ombudsman with flimsy evidence and accusations.  C.B. Manalastas, Manila

Definitely. I do believe that it’s politically motivated. The people behind the impeachment have a common purpose.  

Yes and no

Joe Nacilla, Las Piñas City: There are two different views on the impeachment complaint against the Ombudsman. First: Non-political. The goal of the complainant is to make the agency strong and be respected. The serious overdose of arrogance needs to be moderated and the immoderate behavior on the part of its member needs corrective measures. The Ombudsman has confidence without conviction, strength without character, and grace without humility that comes with wisdom. Second: Political. In this grave situation, politicians take advantage for their own agenda and create confusion among the people by projecting speculation and suspicion as proven fact, with the aim of grabbing power even to the point of engaging in personality politics not realizing that it will only reveal their bankruptcy of ideas.  

C.K. Yeo, Iloilo City: Yes and no. Yes because the opposition can’t impeach Pres. Arroyo and that’s why they are going after Ombudsman Gutierrez instead. No, because Gutierrez is guilty of dereliction of duty, malfeasance and misfeasance. She has been sitting on cases filed against administration people. It seems the Sandigan Bayan only runs after administration enemies and not its own people.  

Ruel Bautista, Laguna: Yes, it is. But the Ombudsman is unashamedly obstructing justice by protecting her benefactors. It’s a politically motivated move justified by its cause.  

Caught by surprise

Noel Banias, Metro Manila: The powers-that-be were caught flat-footed by the opposition. Unlike before when the Palace spin doctors, with more than able help from the rubber-stamp Congress, would preempt the filing of impeachment cases, this time no one among them foresaw what Salonga, et al. did. The move was sort of a political coup.  

The Ombudsman is a political appointee

Ignacio Alacta, Metro Manila: I do believe that Salonga no longer has any political ambitions, nor do the other great Filipinos who submitted the said impeachment complaint against the Ombudsman. They are plain tired and frustrated with the way the Ombudsman discharged her fully-sworn duties and responsibilities. Being a classmate of the First Gentleman and appointed by the President, I don’t think she has the gall to investigate any allegations against the First Family. It is to be expected that the Ombudsman will protect them because of the utang na loob mentality most of us Filipinos possess!  

Benjamin Nillo, Las Piñas City: Yes, it’s politically motivated since Ombudsman Merceditas’s Gutierrez appointment was somehow influenced by the First Gentleman.  

The Ombudsman had it coming

Robert Young Jr., San Juan: I am even surprised that it’s only now that an impeachment complaint was filed against Ombudsman Gutierrez. After the Senate established anomalies in the Mega Pacific contract and after the Supreme Court confirmed there were irregularities, she absolved every single one of the accused. The World Bank submitted reports on infrastructural bid rigging as early as 2006 but the Ombudsman sat on the case. The government lost its case against Nani Perez despite the paper trail provided and reports provided by the Swiss government on his alleged money laundering. Whatever happened to the ZTE-NBN deal? The overpricing of the Macapagal Highway, the NAIA 3 controversy and a string of others? Ombudsman Gutierrez had it coming.  

Col. Ben Paguirigan Jr., Ret., Zamboanga City: We don’t think the complaint against Gutierrez is politically motivated; her overzealousness in protecting PGMA and family paved the way for the complaint. Why fret?  

Rose Leobrera, Manila: Not at all. How could she sleep on the job intentionally to protect somebody influential? She’s thick-skinned. She has been a protector of thieves in government. Then again, birds of the same feather flock together.  

Cris Rivera, Rizal: No, it’s the Ombudsman’s willful negligence of her mandated duty, acting on the World Bank report on corruption three years after receiving the same.  


Edwin Nangcas, Cagayan de Oro City: I am just wondering why most Catholic nations are in such a mess.  


Francis Santos-Viola, Quezon City: We may never know if these convicts were really guilty or just scapegoats because of their military affiliation during those turbulent times. The true guilt is shouldered by our justice system, which remains corrupt enough to let people like the real killer slip through justice’s grasp.  

Ryan Pahimulin, Rizal: The assassins of Ninoy committed another great offense: They turned the military into oppressor instead of defender of the people.  

Rollie de Leon, Valenzuela City: Those Apo fraternity members who paraded naked at the U-belt should have been arrested for being obscene.  

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