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Ivan Dorschner: This ice cream poster boy has a beach-ready body

Sundae, sweet sundae: “I had to eat a lot of ice cream doing the Jollibee ad. But I extremely enjoyed it, especially since we had a very elaborate set,” says Ivan Dorschner.

You know it’s summer when the billboards are either full of hot beach-ready bodies or enticing heat- quenching desserts. You know it’s summer when the billboard scenes go live as TVCs. 

Of course, one very noticeable campaign is that of the Jollibee group of companies. There is the Jollibee float campaign featuring Enchong Dee, then there is the Chowking halo-halo commercial of another ABS-CBN mainstay Gerald Anderson, then there is the Jollibee chocolate sundae TVC featuring another kapamilya Ivan Dorschner.

What makes the yummy desserts more enticing, I suppose, is that all the endorsers are athletic and known for their great bodies. I would also have to say that I sat up and noticed the Jollibee sundae ad the first time I saw it. Just like the storyboard, it’s like the whole world stopped as I marvelled at the ad’s creative production.

Ivan Dorschner, part of the big five of last year’s teen PBB, told us that it took a dozen takes to perfect his ecstatic look, spoon after spoon of the sundae. But it worked, he really seemed to be in heaven. So realistic perhaps that when I missed a turn going back to Makati from Clark, an SUV load of teenagers pleaded that we drive through Jollibee. As we reached the counter, they all shouted, “Can we have five Ivan Dorschner sundaes?”

It was perhaps the TVC that made me interview Ivan, but I ended up with a great surprise that Sunday evening. Here was a boy who grew up in Los Angeles to a Filipino mother and an Irish father but who was as polite, as gentlemanly, and as warm as the best-bred Filipino lads. Squeaky clean, the lad doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and doesn’t really like partying. He would much rather speak and write in the Filipino vernacular since he needs to practice the language.  He punctuates all his sentences with po and opo as a sign of courtesy and respect.

He hits the gym quite often, and so we asked:

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THE PHILIPPINE STAR: How does it feel to be Jollibee’s poster boy for summer? And Jag Thug’s (the brand’s exclusive line for teens)?

IVAN DORSCHNER: I am very grateful, these endorsements brought me varying experiences. I had to eat a lot of ice cream doing the Jollibee ad. But I extremely enjoyed it, especially since we had a very elaborate set. The Jag Thug photo shoot was done in Hong Kong. That was special to me because I was with friends (James Reid and Brett Jackson). They took good care of us. 

Heart-Thug-ging: Ivan Dorschner is the image model for Jag Thug, the brand’s exclusive line for teens.

Do you love ice cream?

I do, and one I love in particular and grew up with is pistachio ice cream.

Did you ever have any problem gaining or losing weight? What did you do to address this weight problem?

I was chubby from 6th to 11th grade! I had a double chin. I just lost weight when I joined the tennis team in high school. I eventually lost the weight by being active and following a healthy diet and eating habits. I eat mainly brown rice and a lot of chicken and vegetables. I love carrots and broccoli.

Are you into sports? Since when? What kind of sports?

When I was in the US, I used to mountain bike on weekends with my cousins and brother.  It is double the fun when you play sports or exercise with family.

Are you enjoying your stay in the Philippines even if you are far away from your family?

I don’t just love the Philippines, I love the culture. Even though I grew up in the States, I love being Filipino. My stay here is a dream come true because I totally wanted to connect with my Filipino side when I was much younger. Now, it’s a reality! I talk to my family every three days. I miss them, but I also enjoy my slight independence. They believe in me so much, enough to let me go to another country by myself.

What do you miss most about home?

I miss the freeway! I can’t get used to the traffic here.

How do you cope with homesickness?

I haven’t been homesick many times, I keep in touch with my family enough. I also make friends with everyone I meet here.

What stresses you out? How do you cope with it?

I get stressed when I am idle the whole day. I don’t like wasting a day. I fit in as many things as I can in my schedule.

What’s your diet like? Are there some foods that you avoid? What do you crave for once in a while?

I drink a lot of water throughout the day. I take brown rice and chicken in the morning plus a protein shake when I wake up. My meals are mainly high fiber, therefore quite filling. I avoid hi-carb meals at night. I am scared I might become chubby again. I eat a lot of vegetables. I love steamed carrots! Also bananas. I never liked pork, maybe because I never liked how lechon looked when I was a young boy. One of my favorite dishes is mongo!

How often do you go to the gym?

I love the gym! I try to go three times a week. It helps if you have a good trainer to push your limits.

What are you trying to achieve in the gym?

A six pack!

What is your favorite exercise?

Squats! I feel so strong after three sets. I also love to run on the treadmill as I sweat like it’s raining inside the gym. 

Do you sleep well? Or do you lack sleep?

I lack sleep! I’m writing this (answers to follow-up questions) at 4:52 a.m.,  hahaha!

What fulfills you? What gives meaning to your life?

Learning something new about film, the environment, myself or knowing that I helped make someone’s day better. Or simply knowing that I didn’t waste the time that has been given to me.

What would make you say you have achieved well-being or wellness?

I need to work on my sleep. I have trouble sleeping. I have a slight insomnia. Once I sort that out, I’ll consider myself pretty healthy.

You are so polite and warm, equally to friends and fans, regardless of gender, age or status. Your parents should be congratulated for raising you well.

Thank you for the appreciation. This is the way I was raised. My parents will never get tired hearing that.  I know I am blessed to have this chance to use what I have learned while I am young.

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