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Healthy food for a healthy new you

Juicy offers: Healthy You’s prune juice, orange juice, and apple juice

MANILA, Philippines – After all the big dinners and indulgent food over the Christmas holidays, it’s time to start working on a healthier body for the new year. Treat yourself to some of Robinsons Supermarket’s healthy food brands to kick off the new year the right way.

Healthy You provides shoppers with healthy and more affordable alternatives to common food brands found in the supermarkets. Developed by Robinsons Supermarket, Healthy You products are low in salt, low in fat, high in fiber and antioxidants, and sugar-free to suit different dietary needs.

Healthy You offers a variety of healthy products like organic brown and red rice, durum wheat pasta, tomato sauce, pure olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, whole wheat sugar-free bread, sugar-free wheat bread, double fiber wheat bread, and sugar-free wheat pan de sal. The brand also gives a healthier alternative to the usual junkfood snacks with its selection of banana, mango, guyabano, and pineapple fruit bars, as well as roasted pistachios, raw walnuts, almonds, pecans, raw macadamias, Mixed Nuts, Supreme Mix, Spicy Mix Nuts, Trail Mix, toasted cashews, Premium Mix, raisins, and langka.

Robinsons Supermarket also sources products abroad such as Olive Pomace Oil from Italy, pitted prunes and prune juice from California, and apple and orange juice from Belgium. It continues to expand its Healthy You product line to offer more healthy selections for Robinsons Supermarket shoppers.

Healthy You products sport green shelf tags which are either sugar-free, low-salt, low-energy or calorie, low-cholesterol, low in saturated fat and a protein/fiber source, all of these as evaluated by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology. As such, Healthy You products can be found in the Whole Health Section, a special area where healthy products are grouped together according to their benefits.

Robinsons Supermarket aspires to be the wellness destination for health-conscious shoppers by offering shoppers a wide variety of products which promote healthy living.

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