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Where holiday and health care come together

Amid the lush greenery of Nasugbu, Batangas there’s a place where holiday and health care come together in perfect harmony and delight.

First, you’ll come upon a chateau. The Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club rests in a cozy log cabin.  You can have your breakfast at the chateau’s Veranda Cafe which overlooks an organic farm and orchidarium.

Later in the day, you can also make your way to the Floating Restaurant for lunch and/or dinner where fresh seafood is good and aplenty. You can also head over to the Fishing Lake and enjoy your own catch.

Or you can get a golf cart to take you to the Evercrest Golf Club Resort. The Evercrest Golf Club Resort is a lush 18-hole championship golf course. After several rounds at play, you may want to enjoy some food and drinks at the El Patio Restaurant or Swing Bar.

After a good meal, if you suddenly feel the urge to get a little busy, there are a lot of things Chateau Royale has in store for you. For starters, there’s a wall to climb —  a 60-foot wall that’s perfect for every wall-climbing enthusiast. Or you can play Paintball with your family and friends, go horseback riding, do billiards, have a videoke fest or simply watch a movie at the Mini Theater. Meanwhile, for those huge groups of friends and families who are looking to have some team sports, there are also some teambuilding facilities offered by the chateau.

And if all that suddenly makes you feel sore, simply head to Chateau Royale’s Wellness Center and Spa, where you can relax in the Jacuzzi pool just before you get a Thai massage, an anti-stress massage or a simple back massage. If it’s more of a health treatment than relaxation that you seek though, all you need to do is head to the hospital right next to the chateau. This is the Metropolitan Medical Center. 

Holistic care is of the essence here. For 39 years now, the Metropolitan Medical Center has been receiving its patients in its original facility located in bustling Tondo, Manila. Today, it has a state-of-the-art tertiary hospital in the serene town of Nasugbu, Batangas.

Voted by Consumer Today magazine as the Best Internal Medicine Hospital in 2005, the Metropolitan Medical Center boasts a complete line of healthcare services and treatments ranging from general medicine and pediatrics to various sub-specialties that may or may not involve surgical expertise. And in the hospital’s brand-new home in Nasugbu, its 150-bed facility offers endoscopy, pulmonary, dental, and radiology services as well as physical rehabilitation treatments.

The Metropolitan Medical Center in Nasugbu also specializes in obstretics and gynecology, which is supported by its own neonatal ICU. It’s got various hospital rooms  — three-bed room, two-bed room, a private room, and a suite.

Also set in the tranquil surroundings of Nasugbu is a five-level retirement home that provides care and comfort for the elderly.

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