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Exposure to the beauty of nature is healing

My passion is the environment. I am often asked why. It’s because one-third of Filipinos are affected by the environment. The effect of the environment is not just physical, it is emotional, it is spiritual.

I just had a session called neuro transmitting to improve the brain muscles — while one is listening to frequencies, that will go to the brain. And the images shown were ones of nature — meant to ease and soothe the brain. The environment has an effect on the emotions and even on the soul. I have data which show that it affects peace of mind, happiness, unity. It is statistical. In the esteros, all I did with my very able staff was clean and the effect was on happiness, the economy, peace and order. Though I don’t have the data, my hypothesis is it can even have an influence on the drug problem. In fact, my stand is that exposure to the beauty and energy of nature is healing and can even be a key strategy in rehabilitation.

My aspiration for the country is to get our islands out of poverty. They are so beautiful and the people there are so poor. It’s a bit crazy. Why? We have places like Boracay where I was told a P20-billion fortune circulates every year, but the original islanders are somewhere in the mountains. Huh?

If we develop our islands, they become an economic asset — and the people there become a strength rather than a burden. It’s the right thing to do.

How do we address this situation in all our islands when there is very poor access? For instance, Kinatarcan, an island I have focused on in Cebu, is three hours from Mactan airport and another hour by boat. That is inconvenient and even discouraging.

Then voila! I discovered Air Juan. Sea planes! It’s a bit strange that Air Juan is the only sea plane operator in this country of 7,000 islands. Sea planes don’t need airstrips. It is the perfect mode of transport for a country like the Philippines. There is no need for the expense and bureacracy entailed in getting airstrips. One just lands on water!

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I rode on my first-ever seaplane. View this landing on Manila Bay: And I was coming from Cebu! No hassle at all! And the view, OMG, from the sea plane has a clarity, an access to detail that exceeds even that of a chopper! I am thrilled because John Gutierrez, president of Air Juan, has agreed to work with my organization I LOVE for the development of our islands. It’s so exciting!

We are in a very infant stage, but I see a splendid light on the horizon.

Right now, Air Juan goes to Coron, El Nido, Subic, Marinduque, Puerto Galera, Pinamalayan, Balesin, and Boracay. But they are totally open to flying to island destinations as long as there is traffic there. For information and bookings, visit or email You can also call 718-8111.

What I want to do with I LOVE is work with government and other sectors to upgrade our islands such that there can be traffic. It won’t take a lot of money because the islands are already so beautiful. What it will need is an area development scheme and training. Yes, at the end of every tunnel, there is light — we just need to see it.

The island village economy is absolutely the way to go. If we don’t develop the islands, then the islanders will come to Manila and live like “rats” or become OFWs destroying the family environment which is needed for a productive citizenry. It is not the way to go. View this link ( which shows you Estero de Magdalena in Tondo where I interviewed the people who live there. Most of them are from our islands. If we build dynamic village economies, they no longer have to come to Manila, which is already very congested.  We work together, we dream, we fly — the future of the country lies in our hearts!

* * *

I can be reached at

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