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How Rachel Peters trained to be a beauty queen

The making of a beauty queen: “She works out every day, eats the right food and gets enough sleep, and avoids stressing,” says Rachel Peters’ personal trainer Bench Ortiz.

Countless celebrities and locals tirelessly tweeted their support for Rachel Louise Peters prior to and during the Miss Universe pageant. She was one of the most talked about on Twitter with the hashtags #MissUniverse and #Philippines dominating for days.

Despite not bringing home the crown, Miss Universe top 10 finalist Rachel won the hearts of many with ease.

She made waves onstage with a body that is a sight to behold. Whether in a swimsuit or an evening gown, the radiantly beautiful model showed off her incredible figure, earning her fans all over the world.

Rachel has always been athletic and followed a rigorous workout and diet regimen that made her even more lean and toned. 

We caught up with her personal trainer Bench Ortiz and found out her fitness secrets. 

PHILIPPINE STAR: Describe Rachel’s fitness journey. What made her decide to start working out? 

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BENCH ORTIZ: Beauty queen Rachel was very much involved in sports growing up. She did touch rugby, football (because her dad is British and she wanted to make him proud!), swimming (she even became part of the swim team at school), wake boarding, and surfing. 

She started going to the gym in 2014 to prepare for her first pageant, Miss World 2014 where she placed 4th runner-up. She continued her fitness regimen to prepare for Bb. Pilipinas and for Miss Universe.

What was the goal she set and what did she do to achieve it? 

Rachel just follows her workout routine. She works out every day, eats the right food, and gets enough sleep. She avoids stressing about the errands during her preparation for Miss Universe. She’s very focused not only on the workout but the whole journey at Miss Universe.

What was her exercise routine while preparing for Miss Universe?

Rachel does weights and more of compound workouts that develop her core and lower body strength. She uses this strength to stand tall and with confidence when she’s on stage. Aside from weights, she also does Pilates, boxing, and yoga. 

Did she have any special diet? 

Rachel has good genes. She loves eating pizzas, but she never gets fat, maybe because she works out regularly and has great genes.

What is her usual cheat meal if any? 

Rachel doesn’t have any strict diet. She only eats the right kind of food. Cheat day for her is pizza and cakes.

Was there ever a time she was fat or skinny and how did she overcome it? 

She never got fat or skinny because of her genes and very active lifestyle.

What is the best workout advice you ever gave Rachel?

Rachel got the best team for Miss Universe. The best contribution I could give her was in terms of workout. I got her to do more of weights to develop the strength of her body so she could be more stable on stage. We did a lot of leg workouts and cardio.

What is her favorite workout? 

Rachel took a course on personal training in Australia so she really loves doing weight training.

Who is her fitspiration? 

She really admires Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega because they have the same body frame —  a Miss Universe frame.

How has fitness changed her life? 

She became more disciplined and determined not only to get her fitness goal but also the crown. That is how fitness changed her life.

What role does fitness play in pageants today? 

Fitness has always played a big role in pageantry because of the swimsuit segment. However, the significance of fitness now in pageantry is that the candidates are able to develop their self-confidence because of their body. If they have the best body, the confidence on stage will set them apart and help them get the beauty title that they want to achieve.

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