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3 ways to keep kids busy this summer

This summer, take children away from their gadgets with these family-approved activities. Lancaster/Released

MANILA, Philippines — Now that school is out and the kids are just at home, don’t let them sit and tap the day away with gadgets.

Keep them busy with these fun and parent-approved activities:

1. Household chores can be fun.

Encourage the kids to do household chores by transforming them into mini-games. Instead of just asking them to pick up their toys and put them away, set a timer and challenge everyone to tidy up as many items as possible. Whoever has the most items in the toy basket wins a special prize. It’s also best to have them do different chores as they might get bored with doing the same things over and over.

2. Summer camps are awesome.

Enrolling the kids to summer camps not only keeps them busy but develops their skills, talents and make new friends. Some of the more popular ones are swimming lessons, singing and dancing workshops, sports clinics and art classes. Parents may take advantage of summer camps set up right within their community for convenience.

3. Grand weekends for the family.

Summer is also the best time to head on to theme parks like trampoline parks or even interactive museums. Many events are also held during the summer like the Grand Family Weekend in a township development in Cavite.

The Grand Family Weekend of Lancaster New City Cavite highlights three outdoor events: the Family Fun Run, the Duathlon and the Family Fair Village. This family-friendly fun fair is just the first of community events to be revealed by Lancaster New City as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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Lancaster New City is a 1,600-hectare township development that’s just 6.5km from the CAVITEX Kawit Toll Exit. It is Your Family Friendly City where everything provided is just within reach so families may live, learn, work, play, and pray. Visit or to know more.



Grand summer event for families happening on April 23

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