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5 design trends to try on your first home

Modern interiors doest not only address your needs but also express your taste and character.

MANILA, Philippines — After years of saving up and investing wisely, you are now prepared to settle down in your new home. Yet it is incomplete without truly modern interiors that not only address your needs but also express your taste and character.

With countless design trends, however, you might be wondering which could be best for your first abode. We trimmed them down to five choices for you:


Add Greenery, this year’s color of the year, to your new home. Olhos do Avery/CC BY-NC-ND

Putting nature-inspired Greenery, the 2017 Pantone Color for the Year, to a space in your home can be very refreshing and revitalizing. It was also hailed by color experts as a “life-affirming shade” amid a tumultuous era.

Splashing Greenery in your home can be a bold one, though, so remember not to overdo it. Instead of painting an entire wall green, for example, you can add a modern wall fixture in that shade. Or rather than getting a chunky Greenery sofa, get a more neutral piece that can be paired with Greenery throw pillows.


Ride the artisanal wave for handmade creations 

Designers and buyers are seen to move away from the DIY craze of past years and ride the artisanal wave, according to Elle Décor. The Manila FAME, for one, features handmade creations of emerging and established furniture designers.

Add unique, handcrafted items especially those with organic shapes and natural fibers by artisans to give life to commercial pieces that are easier to find.

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Marble and metal

Vogue predicted marble and metal themes to dominate this year’s design trends. Don’t be intimidated by the price of marble because faux finishes are available in the market.

Don't be intimidated by marble. 

Apply this aesthetic to bathrooms by putting a marble sink with a brass faucet, or draw eyes to a marble coffee table in your living room.


Forget minimalism, style and creativity are key.

Want chic interiors? Bohemian could be your pick. With this theme, you can use a broad palette, apply a variety of patterns and juxtapose seemingly mismatched pieces. Forget minimalism, style and creativity are key.

Boho-inspired décors can include colorful dreamcatchers, brightly painted dressers, embroidered bed covers, vintage finds and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling.


Texture is a perpetual design value. 

It’s not just about how the place looks, but how it feels. Texture is a perpetual design value that completes the sensory world that is your own house.

Texture may involve “material manipulation” of elements in your home, such as pleating of fabrics or employing big stitches, Elle Décors suggests. You may throw textured pillows over smooth, leather couches. Also check out furniture made of faux fur, velvet and mohair.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than designing your first home from Empire East, whose mission is to conceptualize and construct landmark residential communities from the suburbs to the city. Since 1994, it has been a game-changer in the industry by being the first to tap into middle-income housing segment. Today, it focuses on transit-oriented condominium that makes urban living convenient for everyone.


For more information on Empire East, visit, or follow its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. For inquiries, contact 810-3333 or +63 (917) 8EM-PIRE, or email



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