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Is your Vitamin C safe?

Vitamins C products are not created equal.

MANILA, Philippines — The New Year gives us another chance at a fresh start. After the unhealthy lifestyle during the holidays, our immune system is just starting to recuperate and get back to normal. One sure way to speed up its recovery is to take optimum levels of Vitamin C.

But did you know, that when taking Vitamin C, we have to be careful of several factors such as the type and quality of Vitamin C because not all Vitamin Cs are the same.

The most common type of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. This type of Vitamin C has been by far, the cheapest form of Vitamin C. But when taken in higher quantities, ascorbic acid is not exempted from harmful side effects. Diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, headache, hyperacidity, hot flushes and heartburn are just some of the symptoms of taking too much ascorbic acid.

In the past decade, sodium ascorbate has given the public the safest and most effective type of Vitamin C. Bewell-C (sodium ascorbate) is a non-acidic Vitamin C supplement that is rapidly gaining popularity as a high quality and effective brand. Bewell-C is the next generation Vitamin C that provides all the benefits of Vitamin C without the risk of hyperacidity.

Doctors recommend that we take two capsules per day of Bewell-C. Some people may take a higher dose when associate with any the following: 


People suffering from flu virus are recommended to take six capsules of Bewell-C per day and four capsules while recovering from flu. Whereas, those who are suffering from colds and cough are recommended to take at least six capsules until they have recovered.

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Research study also pointed out that most healthy adults get a cold two or three times a year and taking large doses of Vitamin C daily shortens the duration of colds.

Smoking and drinking

Alcohol, nicotine and other substances in cigarette cause cell damage and drain vitamins and nutrition from your body.

Smokers and those who often drink alcohol experience lower immune system and are susceptible to various diseases. They are required to take at least four capsules of Bewell-C to help maintain their health. 

Post-surgery condition

People who underwent surgery are recommended to take high doses of Vitamin C as much as six capsules of Bewell-C daily to hasten wound healing. Vitamin C is essential in the formation of new connective tissue in healing wound.

For those who need both Vitamin C and calcium, Bewell-C Plus Calcium is also available in the market. Just like Bewell-C, this product also uses non-acidic Vitamin C paired with organic calcium fortified with Vitamin D for stronger bones and teeth.

Bewell-C and Bewell-C Plus Calcium are available in all leading drugstores nationwide and on For more updates, follow Bewell-C's Facebook page.


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