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Say 'no' to mommy guilt: A closer look at MommyProofing with Coach Joy Dejos

UPDATE as of 9.00 a.m., July 10, 2015: From the organizers: Due to the current weather conditions and the attendees' safety concerns, the MommyProofing Workshop has been postponed until further notice. Please follow The Parenting Emporium on Facebook for further updates about the new workshop schedule.  

I first heard about Coach Joy Dejos, the “MommyProofing Coach,” from a fellow mom, who had emailed me about Coach Joy’s special Mother’s Day offer for moms — a free coaching package of six sessions to the first 5 moms who would sign up for her coaching services.

I had no idea what “MommyProofing” was about then, but after browsing through Coach Joy’s website (, I got a glimpse of what she is out to do. Her goal of helping moms “ease into all mamahood stages, one baby step at time” seemed to be aligned with my own belief that moms need support and encouragement at every stage of their lives.

I eventually got around to “talking” with Coach Joy via email, and was actually supposed to join her coaching sessions. Unfortunately, due to conflicts in our schedules, the sessions have not materialized yet — which is why I am glad that she will be holding a MommyProofing Workshop this Saturday, July 11, 2015, at The Parenting Emporium. I hope to be able to attend it, and learn more about “kicking mommy guilt to the curb” and “saying ‘yes’ to myself” (don’t all of us moms need to know how to do so?) — among other things.

Coach Joy Dejos, the MommyProofing Coach

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In case you’re interested in attending the Workshop too, or just want to know more about Coach Joy and her unique coaching services, I’m sharing her answers to a few questions that I recently asked her:

Tina: What made you decide to go into coaching?

Coach Joy: I come from a family of psychologists, so working with people on a deep level has always been the norm for me. When I graduated from college, I went into Human Resources for a multinational company and stayed there for 7 years. It was great work, but I always was looking for more.

I turned the psychoanalysis on myself and realized what I yearned for was to support and empower individuals in getting to a life state that they had only dreamed of (and many times believed couldn’t achieve). There’s no better high than seeing a person take charge of their lives, feel their true power, and move forward into happiness.

Tina: How did you come up with "MommyProofing" as your "brand" for coaching/helping moms?

Coach Joy: I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom. And when I was expecting, everyone told me motherhood would be amazing, I’d fall in love, it would be the greatest miracle and blessing. All true; BUT, no one really told me how absolutely EXHAUSTED I would feel ALL THE TIME. How I would doubt myself, feel guilty for wanting to escape being with my son, struggle with feeling “like myself” again.

Coach Joy with her family

I realized at around 18 months into my son’s life (meaning 18 months of no sleep!) that we spend so much time preparing for baby’s arrival — buying clothes and supplies, preparing the home, babyproofing — but moms don’t really take the time to MommyProof themselves.

What is MommyProofing?

MommyProofing is equipping ourselves as best we can for the "tough" part of the Mommyhood equation. It is readying our minds, our hearts, and our bodies for a love that can be so all-consuming that we forget our own selves — too many times.

It is recognizing that juggling the kids + home + partner + work + SELF is such a challenge — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually; a challenge that you will need to consciously and mindfully meet every single day of your Mommyhood Journey. 

MommyProofing is saying yes to yourself, sans the guilt and the shame. MommyProofing is about giving back to yourself, so you can actually continue to give to those that need you the most. And it's doing this over and over again, with constant checks and constant recalibration as we go through every stage of motherhood.

Tina: What can participants expect from your MommyProofing workshop this Saturday?

Coach Joy: For the workshop this Saturday, we’ll:

1. Debunk some Mommy Myths that get in your way, sap you of energy, and contribute to the dreaded Mommy Guilt

2. Discover a more holistic model of the self — and reflect on who you are now and who you want to be

3. Focus on what really matters in your life — and what deserves most of your energy

4. Craft at least two concrete, immediately doable action plans that will allow you to take charge of your life and move it in the direction you want it to

Tina: How do you hope to help moms (and their families) as a coach?

Coach Joy: I always like to say that I am NOT a parenting expert. I do not come in and teach you to become a better parent.

My role is to support and empower moms to give back to THEMSELVES, so they can begin feeling more whole, more energetic, more satisfied with their personal selves and lives.

When this happens, inevitably, that positive energy moves towards other areas of and roles in their lives — being a mom, sister, daughter, friend, worker, contributor to the world… I help moms kick Mommy Guilt and Mommy Judgment to the curb, so they can begin saying yes to themselves, and begin to live more passionate and fulfilled lives.

Do you want to hear Coach Joy speak in person, and be empowered and inspired by her MommyProofing workshop on July 11 (8.30 a.m.-12.00 noon, at No. 29, 1st Street, New Manila, QC)? Simply register via 0917-8110821 to secure your slot. Learn how to kick mommy guilt and mommy judgment to the curb, for a learning fee of P1,000.

(Note: All images that appear here are courtesy of Coach Joy Dejos, and cannot be used elsewhere without permission.)

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