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Claudio: I got no undue benefits from MWSS

MANILA, Philippines - Gabriel Claudio, former chairman of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) who was also ex-political adviser of the Arroyo administration, clarified yesterday he was not among the agency’s officials who had received excessive benefits.

In a text message sent to The STAR, Claudio said: “I denied myself of any car plan, housing and other inordinate benefits.”

He said he only served the company for little over three months.

“I stepped down and relinquished the chairmanship to Secretary (Rogelio) Singson as early as July 7,” said Claudio.

Claudio said that from now on, he would take a rest from politics.

“I need to have my back checked and undergo rehab medicine,” he said. Claudio underwent spine surgery two years ago.

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Meanwhile, MWSS officer-in-charge administrator Macra Cruz confirmed that Claudio indeed was with the company for only three months.

Cruz said that it is possible that he (Claudio) did not really avail of the benefits though she said that to be sure, she could always check MWSS records.

Claudio was appointed to the board of the water regulatory agency on March 5 or five days ahead of the ban on appointments that started March 10.

In his State of the Nation Address last Monday, President Aquino reported that the leadership of the MWSS has been enjoying substantial benefits even though the pensions of retired employees have not yet been paid.

Cruz said she would personally look into the issue, check MWSS financial records and conduct a review of the benefits extended to its officials and employees.

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