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Rody not inclined to declare revolutionary government

DA NANG – President Duterte on Thursday doused reports that he is inclined to declare a revolutionary government to quell destabilization moves against his administration.

Duterte told a media briefing here that Vice President Leni Robredo was correct when she said the military would not support a revolutionary government.

The President said the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) would not breach the constitutional succession in the presidency.

“She is correct. I asked the military and they said they would not support a revolutionary government,” Duterte said during a meeting with the Filipino community in Pulchra  Resort. 

He said he perceived the military’s reluctance to support such move during consultations with AFP officials.

“I asked them why. They replied, ‘Dahil sabi ni Vice President Robredo.’O bakit? Sabi nila, ‘Mas gusto namin siya. Babae at saka hindi nagmumura,’” the President said.

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Duterte said he would not establish a revolutionary government, which is being pushed by some of his supporters.

Under a revolutionary government, the President said he would have a direct hand in ridding the bureaucracy of processes that tend to slow down the delivery of services to the public.

Duterte has complained about the tedious bidding processes and red tape in the bureaucracy.

AFP chief Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero assured Robredo during a security briefing that the military would not support moves to establish a revolutionary government. 

The Vice  President requested the AFP for a briefing about the situation in Marawi to determine how her office would be able to  help in the rehabilitation efforts.

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