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SC issues road advisory for 2nd day of Bar exams

The Supreme Court issued an advisory on road closures due to ASEAN meeting on November 12, which falls on the second day of the 2017 Bar Examinations. Philstar.com/File photo

MANILA, Philippines — The Supreme Court Public Information Office has issued an advisory to the 2017 Bar Examination takers on road closure along Roxas Boulevard on November 12.

The SC PIO made an announcement on its Twitter page, saying that: “The Manila Police District, which is undertaking security preparations for the opening of the 31st ASEAN Summit, has advised the Chairperson of the 2017 Bar Examinations that Roxas Boulevard will be closed to vehicular traffic on Sunday, November 12."


It noted that the second day of the 2017 Bar Examinations would fall on November 12.

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“Advance notice is given to all examinees to please consider alternative routes to the University of Santo Tomas that do not involve using Roxas Boulevard on November 12, 2017,” the SC PIO added.

The 2017 Bar Examinations will be held on all four Sundays of November at the University of Santo Tomas.

It covers political law, labor law, civil law, taxation, mercantile law, criminal law, remedial law and legal and judicial ethics.

Last year, a total of 3,747 bar applicants passed the grueling four-day exam.

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