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'Not my real statement': Cabbie allegedly robbed by Carl Arnaiz denies affidavit

The cab driver allegedly robbed by 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz surfaced on Sunday. He is in custody of human rights group Rise Up. Screenshot from The STAR's video
MANILA, Philippines — The cab driver allegedly robbed by 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz surfaced on Sunday and clarified that the statements in the police affidavit were not his.
In a televised press conference, taxi driver Tomas Marleo Bagcal said he did not execute any affidavit at the Caloocan police station where he turned over the hold-upper who tried to rob him.
“Hindi ‘yung totoong statement ko iyon e,” Bagcal told the reporters.
“Ang tinanong lang sakin doon pangalan, birthday, saka edad tapos yung OR/CR (official receipt/certificate of registration) ng sasakyan. Aside from that wala ng tanong sa ’kin,” he added.
In a report by Pilipino Star Ngayon, newly appointed Caloocan City Police chief Senior Superintendent Jemar Modequillo said Bagcal may face charges for executing a false affidavit with a fake address. The cabbie has two affidavits, according to Caloocan City police.
The two affidavits have contradicting descriptions of the burglar. 
The first one indicated that Bagcal was not able to identify the robber. But in the second affidavit, he described what the suspect was wearing. He alleged that the suspect wore a black sweatshirt with hood and cap, blue jean shorts, slippers and was carrying a bag.
The police added that there were discrepancies regarding the location and time of the incident in the two affidavits. 
Bagcal's claims on where he was hit by the gun also differed. The first one said he was hit on the arm while the second one claimed it was on the hand.
Bagcal faced the media days after he reportedly went missing. He is now in the custody of human rights organization Rise Up for Life and for Rights.
His statement regarding the affidavit came after the Justice department ordered the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate the circumstances of the supposed robbery.
At the press conference, Bagcal said he is willing to testify before the court and Senate. Rise Up said Bagcal already prepared an affidavit intended to be submitted at the proper venue.
Earlier, Bagcal claimed Arnaiz, who hailed his taxi on August 18, robbed him and he was rescued by the police.
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