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Rody: I read, study every document

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – A lawyer by profession, President Duterte reads and studies every document carefully before affixing his signature.

Duterte said he does this even after these documents underwent the rigorous vetting of his assistants and staff. 

“That’s my life. I read documents, I do not read them for granted and I have to study them. You know being a lawyer, and going by the past experiences of presidents, it’s a tricky situation … You just sign the document even if it is already a processed one coming from your assistants, you still have to read especially contracts because sometimes that is where the flag, the red flag is,” Duterte told the crowd during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Davao del Norte province on Saturday.

According to Duterte, his day starts at 1 p.m. After taking a bath, he pores over the voluminous documents on his table that need his signature.

Duterte explained he does not just sign any document without studying it. 

“You know my day, I do not deny that. My day starts at one. I work but at one o’clock, after lunch, after taking a shower. I do not have any nocturnal life or adventures, no more. I am too old for that.”

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Even if Duterte spends most of his time here in Davao City in the past days, he still brings with him documents that he needs to go over.

And among the documents he has to go through is the briefer or narrative on the progress of military operations against the Maute group in Marawi City.

Duterte also revealed he doesn’t want to call Malacañang a palace.

“That is not a palace. I do not like the term ‘Palace.’ It’s just the residence of a co-worker of government, we all are,” he said.

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